Etsy Betsy: Ceramics and Pottery Edition

You may not know this about me (and how could you?), but I am way into using pottery/ceramic coffee cups. And for that matter, I’m into these items for just about everything else, too: salad bowls, cookie jars, water “glasses,” decorate vases, et cetera. As a result, I always have a few good Etsy pottery and ceramic recommendations up my sleeve at any given time. And it’s your lucky day, because today, I’m going to share these recommendations with you!

Tree Mug, 16 ounce – $26

Yeah, you should have known I’d start with a coffee mug given how I opened this article, and I love this one. The price seems steep, but then again, it is handmade. I’d love to take this particular cup to the office, mostly because it’s one of a kind and I know it’d spark a conversation with my coworkers or bosses. My husband says it’s a silly cup, but I disagree. What do you think?

meadowpoint’s Shop

close-up pic of a pottery mug in the shape of a tree
Seller: meadowpoint


Green Elephant Bank ““ $72

Confession: I love elephants. And I love piggy banks. So you can imagine how much I want to buy this elephant piggy bank for some chibling or child of my own (one day, maybe). It’s not one of those cheap items you buy at Target because you know it will be broken and forgotten in a few years. On the contrary, this is a keepsake item. The kind you keep high on a shelf until the child is old enough to care for it. They will keep a keepsake like this one for the rest of their lives (barring mishandled baseball bats or rogue toys flying across the room).

Littlepigpottery’s Shop

close-up pic of ceramic green elephant piggy bank
Seller: Littlepigpottery


Pebble Vase in Aqua ““ $72

I have a budget for art. It is not a big one, which means I have to save a long time before I can buy anything. For this vase, and the other items in this seller’s store, I may make an exception. This vase is breath-catchingly beautiful. I would love to put a few red roses in it when I have them, or some lovely dried willow twigs. What about you?

kimwestad’s Shop

blue vase with pebbles along the side
Seller: kimwestad


Heart Bowls ““ $30

These bowls are multifunctional. According to the seller, you could use them as soap dishes, candles, dipping sauces, or just to look pretty on some shelf! I think what tickles me about these bowls is their heft. I have a thing for the classic ceramic bowls of yesteryear. They lasted a lifetime and became more beautiful with age. I can these bowls doing the same.

Suzanne’s Shop

pink ceramic bowls in the shape of hearts
Seller: Suzanne


Blue Mug Ceramic Coffee Mug ““ $20

Are you really surprised I have two coffee mugs in this edition? If so, then you shouldn’t be. And these mugs are something else entirely. What a mix of green and blue! And none of these flimsy little handles into which only two fingers will fit. No, you can really lift this mug with all four fingers. What’s more, this mug reminds me of my home, the Puget Sound region of Washington State. Everything is shockingly green and blue here on a summer day (and even on rainy days, everything is still rich and emerald green). The slight red at the lip and edge of the handle calls to mind the clay earth and wood. Excuse me while I get all sentimental over here; I just really love this mug (and the Pacific Northwest, obviously).

darshanpottery’s Shop

close-up of two blue-green ceramic coffee mugs
Seller: darshanpottery


Serving Plate with Two Figures ““ $65

Husband always teases me that we like “dark” art. Art that is a little creepy or which draws the bright things of life into sharp contrast with the darkness (think: bright red tree set against a black backdrop). This serving dish suits my darker aesthetic. No, it’s not blossoms and posies. But yes, it is beautiful. I’d use this dish to serve everything from chips to prosciutto-wrapped asparagus. And when I wasn’t using it for the practical purpose of serving, I’d use it as decoration just about anywhere in my house. There is literally no place where this dish would be out of place, folks!

ElenaMadureri’s Shop

close-up up a ceramic serving plate with the outlines of two figures
Seller: ElenaMadureri


Night Owls Brooch ““ $50

Maybe it’s the bookworm in me, or maybe it’s just me, but owls have a special place in my heart. I’m always drawn to beautiful owl works of art, including jewelry and digital designs. This brooch really channels both. It has the bright blue sharpness of contemporary digital design combined with the classic combination of owls and moonlight. This is a win-win piece in my book and it is going straight to my Christmas list.

baubukas’s Shop

close-up of blue-white brooch featuring owls, branches, and the moon
Seller: baubukas



What do you think of these finds? Have a few of your own to share? Tell us all about it in the comments section!



By Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller is a twenty-something blogger, cook, freelance writer and editor living in Seattle, Washington. She’s a feminist trying ever-so-hard to embrace her spaces, conventional or not. She looks forward to numerous bad hair days, burnt cremes, a soapbox or two, and maybe (just maybe) a yellow polka-dot bikini in the years ahead.

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