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Fun Time Open Thread: Heat Wave

Normally, this is where I would have some trivia or some kind of game for you to play, but we’re in the middle of a heat wave and my brain is broken. Instead of asking you questions about trivialities, I’m asking for your best story about trying to beat the heat. 

When good air conditioners go bad.

When I get too hot, I get stupid. I also have a history of making radical hair decisions under the influence of being overheated. Our air conditioner broke down Thursday afternoon (it’s fixed now, but it still can’t keep up with the heat); I made it four hours before I couldn’t take it anymore and I cut off all my hair. I have also been carrying my four-inch personal fan around the house like a teddy bear so I can plug it in wherever I have to stop. It creates a little SaraB-sized zone of coolness, and I love it. One friend said she’s been running a wet washcloth over her face and sticking her head in the freezer, and I keep having flashbacks to the summer I couldn’t fall asleep without first soaking my sleep shirt in cold water and laying in front of a box fan.

So, tell me all about it. What’s the weirdest thing you have done to cool off?

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So this was my 4th of July celebration. (actually this was on the 3rd, but when the only day you get off is Wednesday you do your partying on Tuesday) Fortuately the rain stopped in time for the outdoor concert we were at to start. but not before we all got a bit soggy. Still we had fun. We had an umbrella fort.

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