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Fun Time Open Thread: Know Your Magic Users

It’s no secret that I read a lot of fantasy. It is my favorite genre, with mystery coming in a close second. Since I know that I’m not alone in my love for swords and sorcery, I thought we would play “Who’s That Mage?” tonight.

  1. This guy learned he was a wizard on his eleventh birthday from an half-giant who had tracked him to a shack in the middle of the sea.
  2. He is the Sam Spade of the wizarding world. He solves magical mysteries and fights demons with a battle staff, a Colt .45, and a cat named Mister.
  3. He gave his heart to a fire demon, who helps keep his castle moving.
  4. She becomes her kingdom’s Green Witch when her aunt falls under the family curse.
  5. Even though everyone thinks he is a great and terrible wizard, he’s really just a humbug (until he comes back in book four and starts learning real magic).
  6. Most of her magic is just headology, but when she needs to, she really prods donkey.
  7. And on that note, who needs to put “Wizzard” on his hat?
  8. She is a musician and the youngest Wild Power in the Gale family.
  9. He is the aptly named seventh son of a seventh son, and apprentice to the ExtraOrdinary Wizard, Marcia Overstrand (who has a fondness for purple python boots).
  10. She is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, but she’s also a thirteenth child. It takes some wise teachers and an infestation of magical beetles to convince her that she is not terminally unlucky.
  11. She is a hereditary witch who learns to deal with sorcerers with a little dime-store and industrial magic.
  12. She is in the hands of a goddess, but her Gift has little to do with earning her knighthood.

So, who did I miss? Who is your favorite literary magic user?

A crooked purple witch hat.
I’m not gonna lie, I secretly wish I were a witch.

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I know everyone loves Howl, but I’m very fond of DWJ’s other magic users: hence

– who is the youngest in her family of two human siblings and four griffin ones?

– whose cousin turns out to be his half-sister, and a Magid?

– whose grandfathers are a Magid and Gwyn ap Nudd?


In other news, I completely snotted myself on the bike last night (thank you, tram tracks, cobblestones, and lots of rain) so I’m now cultivating an interesting collection of bruises. The colours on these are going to be spectacular. 

Truth, but I can’t help mentioning it because it’s So Good. I didn’t even see the ending coming, and that rarely happens. I just wish that Ann was more of a bamf, so I could nominate her for Middlemarch Madness.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s pretty bamf-y, but I don’t think she’s the linchpin of the story.

Hah yes! Reigner Three is a total evil BAMF! And, Mordion is definitely the main person. I just loved the end twist for Ann and him. It made me super happy. That entire ending was awesome. I’m still blown away by all the twists that made so much sense. Rereading that book is fun cause you can kind of see where she starts to show what’s going to happen with vague clues.

  1. Harry Potter
  2. Harry Dresden
  3. Howl
  4. dunno – sounds interesting
  5. Oz?
  6. Granny Weatherwax
  7. dunno
  8. Is this the book by Nina Kiriki Hoffman? Cause if so I liked it.
  9. no idea
  10. Oh crap – Eff? Isn’t that short for something? I really liked these books.
  11. Kim Harrison’s…. er… I finally read the first one recently but it apparently didn’t stick with me.
  12. Is this Tamora Pierce? Alanna?

One of my favorite lady mages is Vin from the Mistborn books. She kicks ass and still learns to embrace her feminine side. Thought she was an interesting character (even if she is, despite being the protagonist, a token woman).

  2. I racked my brains, and honestly, the only “Sam Spades of the magical world” I can think of are Harry Dresden, or maybe Dirk Gently?  I’ve only read one each of their books, and ages ago, so I have no idea if they are actually the right ones.
  3. Howl
  4. GAH! This sounds so familiar, but I can’t come up with it.
  5. Oz
  6. I want to say Granny Weatherwax?  Been a while though, I could be mixing up my Pratchett ladies…
  7. Rincewind!
  8. No idea, I’m afraid.
  9. To be honest I don’t know, but I COULD cheat because I feel confident his name is “Septimus”
  10. Eff!  I love that this is on here.
  11. I’ve got nothing here.
  12. Alanna.  Daine was cooler though.  I think it says something when the girl who talks to animals is less of a Mary Sue (and I say this as an AVID Tamora Pierce fan.)

I think it shows that I’m big into YA fantasy these days, haha…I struggled way more with the adult books.  Although one of my favorite magic users is Sunshine (from the book of the same name by Robin McKinley) and that’s an adult book, so I guess there are exceptions.

1. Harry Potter
2. Harry Dresden
3. Howel
5. Oz (I think)
6. Granny Weatherwax
7. Rincewind

I don’t know the rest. My favorite fictional magician is John Constantine of the Swamp Thing/Hellblazer comics.

Also, call out to Persephoneers in the South East Michigan area, @sallysassypants and I were thinking of planning a outing/meetup with class and culture at the Detroit Institute of Arts, with a possible detour across the street to Good Girls Go to Paris for crepes. Any interested parties? This will probably be a weekend thing as I work a 9 to 5er.

1. Harry Potter

3. Howl

5. Wizard of Oz

Other than that, I have no idea.

And who did you leave out? Only Gandalf aka Mithrandir aka Olórin, one of the greatest wizards/Maiar/Istari of all time!!! Seriously, how could anyone do a magic users list and not put him in?!

/end disgruntled LOTR fan rant

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