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Stakes are super-extra-exceptionally high today, with your bracketmaster’s favorite in the running. Editorial interference ahoy!

First order of business: I wanted to post the results of II.1 yesterday, but my internet was all fucked-up for about 24 hours. SO. Before we go further…
Round Two Results:
Day 1
Chocolate 61% v. Coffee 39%
Chocolate Vanilla Swirl 65% v. Cherry/Cherry Vanilla 35%
Day 2
Vanilla (bean) 58% v. Butter Pecan/Praline 42%
Raspberry/Black Raspberry 59% v. Neapolitan 41%

I am BEYOND devastated about Coffee. Pistachio is looking more and more likely to achieve a coup d’etat…
On to today’s match-ups!
Mint Chocolate Chip v. Cookie Dough Well, I could, if I really wanted to, challenge the flavor status of one of these competitors… after all, what is Cookie Dough but whatever-flavor ice cream with a single topping thrown in? That’s hardly the makings of a distinctive flavor profile! Mint Chocolate Chip, on the other hand, is the epitome of ice cream flavor rightness, with the “ice” aspect heightened by the cooling, refreshing taste of mint (usually peppermint). And I’m not talking about that artificially flavored, atificially colored candy- or toothpaste-esque crap. I’m talking the real deal, fresh creamy ice cream with peppermint oil, perhaps with some chocolate flakes or similar accoutrements added to the mix. Oh yeah, baby… ice cream heaven!

Rocky Road v. Fudge Ripple This match-up offers a similar (non)conundrum. Is Fudge Ripple really a flavor? Yes, it traditionally goes with Vanilla, but it’s found all over the place nowadays; is there any integrity to be found in that fudge? Rocky Road, however, suffers from no such adaptability issues: this is CHOCOLATE, with NUTS, and MARSHMALLOWS, and it DEMANDS your ATTENTION (and votes, don’t forget those). It also offers the last democratic chance for nuts in this bracket; if we can’t even make it to the semi-finals with *some* nuts in place, well. Something I’m less than in love with is going to be subject to military overthrow.

Voting open until Thursday 5:00 p.m. EDT; updated bracket I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM here.

31 replies on “I SCREAM I SCREAM I WANT MORE ICE CREAM! Round Two, Day 3”

I have to say Cookie Dough is not usually any-flavor-ice-cream with cookie dough pieces thrown in. Normally if it’s a flavor other than vanilla or sweet cream then it’ll be in the name like “Chocolate Cookie Dough”. However, sometimes you can find the Ultimate Cookie Dough which is cookie batter ice-cream with cookie dough pieces thrown in. One summer when I worked at Cold Stone we had that as a signature flavor (I think it also had fudge swirls or something) and I think I’ve seen at least one brand have something like that in the supermarket.

Anyway, isn’t the diversity of cookie dough part of its glory? That you can still have the best part (the chunks of cookie dough, of course) but if you don’t care for vanilla or sweet cream you can just get it with another flavor and what you’re eating can still be considered “Cookie Dough” ice cream.

As a person who hates mint desserts/sweets with a fiery passion, I will be devastated if that dreadful flavor beats the heavenly Cookie Dough.

Ha! My cholesterol is generally fine–I was raised in a low-fat household, so, while I can out-sugar consume anyone, my body’s accustomed to a somewhat lower-fat diet than many people (so for instance, while I think fried food is tasty, eating it two days in a row will make my stomach hurt). But I’ve had a couple of summers where it spiked, and it was ALWAYS related to an uptick in ice cream consumption! While there are lower-fat options out there, they tend to cost money, which I do not have.

Oh well, such is life.

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