Persephone Bracket


Oh, Persephoneers. Darlings, you know I love democracy and shit, but. BUT. Let’s face it, Round One was a bit of a clusterfuck, inevitably causing distress down the line.

Round Two, Day 4 Results:
Strawberry 35% v. Cookies & Cream 65%
Caramel/Dulce de Leche 44% v. Moose Tracks 56%

While there’s still one fruit and one nut going into the Elite Eight, I can’t continue to ignore the redundant presence of Chocolate Vanilla Swirl. I know, I know, my own fault for putting it in there… but with both Chocolate and Vanilla represented, I have decided that a coup d’etat is in order. Furthermore, at no point was there any commentariat support for the Swirl! And I WARNED YOU!! I WARNED YOU THAT A LACK OF CAMPAIGNING AND SUPPORT IN THE COMMENTS WOULD AFFECT MY DEMOCRATIC LEANINGS. Look back over nearly two weeks worth of comments and tell me that anything has enjoyed more written love from the beginning than Pistachio! YOU BROUGHT THIS ON YOURSELVES, AND NOW YOU WILL ENDURE THE CONSEQUENCES. SO DON’T EVEN BOTHER COMPLAINING ABOUT MY INTERFERENCE.

SO. To inject a bit more diversity into the proceedings, there’s going to be a Wild Card match-up; the victor will take the spot previously held by Chocolate Vanilla Swirl in the Elite Eight (and thus ultimately going up against Cookies & Cream). There is, however, a catch: to encompass a few of the more beloved losers of earlier rounds, I putting up two entirely new (to this bracket) ice creams up against each other!

The Wild Card: Spumoni v. Mocha Chip! For those of you unaware of Spumoni, it’s an Italian creation juxtaposing pistachio, cherry, and either chocolate or vanilla. It’s lovely. Mocha Chip is, of course, mocha and chips. It’s lovely as well. I would eat both in a heartbeat.

I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM“>Updated bracket here; voting will be open through the weekend; polls close whenever I wake up Monday, so be sure to have your votes in by sometime Sunday night!


I expect that a lot of people have had less-than-quality strawberry. Plus, people love cookies and candy and stuff; that’s why Moose Tracks (which isn’t even a flavor!) handily beat out Caramel, which is quite well-loved.

I can understand moose tracks winning over caramel, even though I disagree, since it is sort of like going to Coldstone, except cheaper and more convenient.

Cookies and cream, however…
I’m just shocked, shocked I tell you, that my fellow Persephoneers could have chosen such a bland flavor over the glories of strawberry. Though perhaps you are right, they’ve never had a good strawberry ice cream.

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