Persephone Bracket


We’re getting closer!

The Elite Eight got off to a rousing start!
Chocolate 48% v. Moose Tracks 52%
Cookies & Cream 63% v. Mocha Chip 37%

Now, you all know I consider Moose Tracks not-a-real-flavor. A number of you mentioned peanut butter Moose Tracks specifically, but I only recently enountered that, having been introduced to the concept by black raspberry Moose Tracks and later the overly-sweet and disappointingly candy-esque mint Moose Tracks. However, as no one was willing to come out in favor of plain chocolate, I’m letting the win stand. Indeed, the presence of this non-flavor flavor in the Final Four is evidence of an important component to many of you that seems well summed-up by twiddle: “I think the key thing I am realizing in this bracket is that I love ice cream that has other bits of things in it[…] It’s the ability to dig things out of my otherwise smooth and creamy canvas that appeals to me.” This, Persephoneers, is why our dear readers spend an alarming portion of their yearly income on Ben & Jerry’s. I imagine I could just as easily run a purely B&Js bracket and have thoroughly enthusiastic participation!

Today includes another real poser, and one thoroughly obvious choice.
Elite Eight Pt. 2
Vanilla v. Rocky Road
Mint Chocolate Chip v. Raspberry/Black Raspberry

Vanilla v. Rocky Road: You’ve got the epitome of all things simple and glorious in ice cream up against the jubilant jumble that represents the best of stir-in possibilities, the essential conundrum of modern ice creaming. On the one hand, chocolate and marshmallows and nuts! However, if you want to know the true quality of an ice cream producer, you judge based on their vanilla; anything can be passable if you throw enough shit into it, but only honest-to-Dog cream/milk/sugar/vanilla beans/optional eggs, treated with respect and lust, will make a wonderful vanilla.

As for today’s other match-up… well, whatever, Raspberry’s awesome and I adore it and it’s the last bastion of fruit in this competition, but who cares! Mint Chocolate Chip, preferably Breyers, is one of my favorite non-living things in existence, and I will never ever EVER choose anything else over it and neither should you because it is perfect and amazing and wonderful.

You know what to do! And if you don’t, I will change all the votes ever to Mint Chocolate Chip; don’t test me.
Voting closes at 5 p.m. EDT Wednesday.

27 replies on “I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM “OMG, ICE CREAM!” Elite Eight, Day 2”

I deny your example of Breyer’s. Long live Edy’s!

Also, no rocky road on the basis of marshmallow. I don’t like them, and they don’t belong in my ice cream. (It’s a good thing rocky road and mocha didn’t end up against each other, I would have had to abstain from that one!)

This was the easiest, not-having-to-decide-anything one ever, because a rocky road/mint chocolate chip sundae is my go-to perfect ice cream dessert. The only thing that could make it better would be if there were more dark chocolate rocky road options (and, for that matter, more dark chocolate chip MCCs!). Alas, I usually just settle for dark chocolate hot fudge/syrup instead…

Huh. It would never occur to me to put the too together–probably because of the nuts, but also because if I have MCC I don’t need anything else ;) If you want more chocolate, the best thing to do is make your own topping; that way, you can make it as bitter as you need to, which means you don’t just have to pour on more and more sauce just to get the chocolate and risk losing the flavor of the ice cream…

True; I just like the variation and not having to choose. I can get one nutty/marshmallowy bite then a cool, refreshing minty one. Win! I did see that there is a dark chocolate in the gelato and in the coconut-based ice cream that I sometimes get; maybe I can make a faux-rocky road with it until I can make my own. They both already come in a MCC :D

ETA: Just wanted to clarify, I’m just wishing there were more options that were DARK chocolate vs. milk, not more chocolate overall. But I settle :)


You want to win a race, you got to be fucking BOLD. You have got to make each day COUNT. Push for more, work harder, go further! POWERFIST.

Vanilla got to Vanilla and was done. Rocky Fucking Road went for the chocolate, it went for the walnuts and then it went for the fucking marshmallows! That’s bold. That’s a fucking fighter.

Mint Chocolate Chip?! That’s the fucking Denis Rodman of ice-creams. Especially if you get a brand that’s super minty and it’s like a punch in the face of freshness. And then you get to play with all those bits of chocolate chip in your mouth. Dude.

I love ice-cream. We’re all winners here.

Oh coffee/mocha, you tried.  I suppose this just means I’ll have more of it all to myself. :)

Rocky Road is awesome, though I must say the marshmallow swirl is a must over just plain marshmallows.  And mint chocolate chip just rocks, it was my favorite as a kid.

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