Persephone Bracket


Last day of Round 1! I definitely won’t be surprised to see some upsets in these match-ups.

Tomorrow I’ll present the winners from each contest in this round; you can eat the losers as consolation! First, to wrap up, the final set of contenders:

Moose Tracks v. French Vanilla Moose Tracks… was a difficult decision on my part. I don’t really consider it a “flavor” but rather a format. Moose Tracks are whatever flavor of ice cream with a fudge ripple and little chocolate candies filled with a cream that mirrors the ice cream flavor. I’ve had it in four different versions–vanilla, peanut butter, black raspberry, and mint. I ended up including it because so many people clamoured for it; it’s got quite the fan club! And making just one exception to my flavors rules didn’t seem too terrible. French vanilla is a bit of an anomaly; it’s vanilla flavor, but a sort of commercial vanilla, without the characteristic black specks and real vanilla flavor of vanilla bean ice cream. Some people love that; I try not to judge them too harshly.

Fudge Ripple v. Peanut Butter So, technically a fudge ripple can appear in any flavor of ice cream, making for another format v. flavor conundrum. But vanilla with the fudge ripple is a longstanding fixture quite deserving of full flavor-status. Peanut butter can appear nowadays as the base flavor of an ice cream, but traditionally it had the same role in vanilla ice cream as the aforementioned fudge ripple. Dammit, now I want vanilla peanut butter fudge ripple.

Neapolitan v. Pistachio Neapolitan, the savior and/or bane of family desserts! Poor vanilla, it always managed to fall by the wayside in my house growing up… Pistachio is making serious inroads nowadays; look for the stuff *without* food coloring–if it’s greenish, you know it’s packed with pistachios, as opposed to artificially colored creams that also rely on artificial flavors.

Cherry/Cherry Vanilla v. White Chocolate Cherry and cherry vanilla are not actually interchangeable, but both rank about the same on the popularity chart, and of course share the wonderful flavor of the fruit. Cherry Garcia is the reason for cherry’s popularity surge; cherry vanilla is the old-fashioned version. White chocolate is rather new as an ice cream flavor; it is strictly hit-or-miss, as is actual white chocolate. I’ve had some really unimpressive takes, and a few excellent versions–albeit the latter exclusively in gelato form.

You have until 5:00 p.m. EDT Friday to vote; the results go up at 5:30.

23 replies on “I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, ROUND 1, DAY 4!”

It’s vanilla ice cream with ripples of chocolate (not chocolate ice cream mind you, just chocolate) and little chocolate peanut butter cups in it. It’s pretty tasty, but I loves me some French Vanilla. Also back when I had to serve ice cream it was frequently a pain in the butt to scoop because the chocolate would form impenetrable walls that were hard to cut through and hard to press into the cone.

Well, THAT was easy today. PISTACHIO. Oh, my heart, Pistachio.

(that is such a weird looking word – mostly I’m so mesmerized by the colour and the promise of deliciousness that I’ve never really realized what a strange looking WORD it is).

Whatever, I still love you pistachio.

For once I didn’t just check off everything that involved chocolate. Because I can only have soy or other non-dairy ice creams, neopolitan is not one of my favorites because in the soy version, the vanilla and strawberry aren’t as good as the real thing. Whereas chocolate or chocolate-peanut butter, I can’t tell the difference.

HOWEVER, ice cream sandwiches made with coconut-milk based vanilla ice cream? AWESOME. And now I want some.

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