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Are you salivating yet? Have you raided the freezer section of your nearest convenience store? Are you weeping because neither your wallet nor your cholesterol level can accommodate your need to eat ALL THE ICE CREAMS? Okay, that last one, that’s 14K projecting. My sincerest apologies.

However, Persephoneers, I have to admit that I’m disappointed by the lack of engagement. There were some *very* interesting and unforeseen results yesterday, but the comments showed no sign of significant opinion-holding! I want to see you arguing for your favorites! I want to hear odes to your beloved flavors and cutting take-downs of the competition! I WANT TO SEE BLOOD! Do not disappoint me, y’all, or I will be pushed to drastic measures…

Today features four match-ups wherein beloved 20th-century standards face off against popular niche flavors old and new:
Coffee v. Banana Well before I could tolerate coffee – actually, let’s face it, I could never tolerate just coffee, even when I was addicted, it had to be a latte or au lait – anyway, long beforehand, I loved coffee ice cream. When I was first driven into coffee’s arms (thanks, American Constitutional Law!), I doctored my coffee with coffee ice cream and M&Ms. Yum. Banana is one of those flavors that people may really love, or really hate, or just feel meh about… but the love and hatred is sirius bizness.

Butter Pecan/Praline v. Orange Cream Most commonly pecan, but occasionally the praline will be made with almonds, a delightful change. As for orange cream… where do you think the idea for the Creamsicle came from?

Cookie Dough v. Cinnamon Whoever first had the idea of sticking globs of cookie dough into ice cream is a genius, and quite possibly a billionaire. Cinnamon, sadly, has not made it to my neck of the woods; while I jerry-rigged a version at home, I’m looking forward to someday having the real thing!

Cookies & Cream v. Green Tea I always felt this was a bit of a misnomer, as the cookie should always be the oxford wafer of Oreo fame. Whatever, I’m a stickler for details. Green tea ice cream is like coffee ice cream in that I had the frozen dessert prior to drinking the hot beverage; they also share yumminess.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Vote for only ONE contestant in each match-up! Voting for both options, or multiple votes, messes up my count, and you don’t want me to insert my own opinions into the matter of who wins, do you?

Voting open until 5:30 p.m. EDT Wednesday. Have at it!


Butter Pecan for ever and ever!!!

Did I ever tell you guys we had an ice cream sundae bar at our wedding? The options were vanilla, chocolate, or butter pecan ice cream with hot fudge or caramel sauce, plus rainbow sprinkles, nuts, m&ms, and/or bits of heath bar, with whipped cream on top. It was the best. We then spent the next two weeks eating leftover sundaes. OM NOM NOM NOM NOM.

I had green tea ice cream for the first time a few weeks ago at a sushi place.  It was fried green tea ice cream.  It was……… experience.  I was so mad at my boyfriend.  Usually he’s good with a couple bites of dessert, so I get it all.  He ate way more than half while I wasn’t looking because a friend walked into the restaurant!  (BTW, Chicago persephs, Ukai right off the Belmont redline stop is AHMAZING.  Pink Lady maki roll is a must have.)

Isn’t it fantastic?? Like, in the fascinating sense. I can understand it with banana, as I know lots of people really have a thing against the fruit–not even the flavor, the fruit (and whatever, MOAR 4 ME). I *am* surprised by coffee though! But that may just be my natural bias towards the stuff. Banana I actually feel meh about; I love it *in* ice cream, banana splits, it’s one of my favorite foods, etc., but I’m not into banana-flavored anything.

I don’t like coffee or banana, but I picked coffee because it’s not as bad as banana. I am so happy to see Orange Cream on here! There was a small fair when I was younger that used to have the best Orange Creamsicle ice cream.  Also cookie and cream against Green Tea is very hard! I like both of them, but green tea is a hard flavor to find, which makes it that much better when I can actually find it (reasonably priced).

If anyone lives in the Bay Area, there is a place called Falafal Drive-in in San Jose that has the BEST banana milk shakes on EARTH. I’m drooling at my desk just thinking about it. That place is the shit. Their Falafal, onion rings, and a banana shake would be my last meal. Seriously.

I don’t actually like coffee ice cream but my utter hatred of bananas compels me to vote against them. I don’t know that I’ve ever had butter pecan or praline, but I’m Texan so I feel like I have to pick it on principle. Cinnamon gets a sympathy vote because I know my beloved cookie dough will knock it out and I feel bad. And cookies and cream is just straight-up delish.

Coffee ice cream is amazing (and like you, I love it without loving the beverage.)  Even more amazing?  Coffee heath bar crunch.  TO DIE FOR.  But seriously folks, coffee ice cream is awesome.  And the smell of bananas, especially sweet banana-y things like banana bread and ice cream, makes me queasy.  Protect my stomach.  Vote coffee.

And cookie dough + ice cream is flat out one of the best ideas this world has ever had.  That one shouldn’t even be a competition.

I would add that while I am willing to engage more, nothing, but NOTHING, gets me more fired up than my favorite literary characters.  As much as I love ice cream, I just don’t have it in me to invest the same passion in this as I do in Middlemarch Madness.  But I promise I’ll try to do better!

I’m glad I’m not the only one with this weakness.  I don’t even have a sweet tooth normally, but ice cream (and especially THIS ice cream or any variation on peanut butter cookie dough) more than make up for my apathy towards most sweet things.

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