Persephone Bracket


Greetings, fellow lovers of frozen dessert foods! Welcome to Round Two, where the competition is stiffer and the editorial neutrality abandoned.

Let’s be clear, folks: so far, the main cheerleading I’ve seen has been for Pistachio, which lost; don’t think I won’t take my revenge by substituting that flavor for another that no one can be bothered to campaign for. I take my ice creams seriously, and I expect voters to do the same!

Have a look at the updated bracket I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM here. Today’s match-ups: Chocolate v. Coffee and Chocolate Vanilla Swirl v. Cherry/Cherry Vanilla.

Chocolate, the essential indulgence…but is it stronger as an ice cream flavor than the intoxicating Coffee, which I happen to be eating as I draft this post? [EDITOR’S NOTE: OBVIOUSLY NOT]

Chocolate Vanilla Swirl is the marriage of two essentials, but does it deserve to beat out the lovely, distinctive Cherry/Cherry Vanilla? [EDITOR’S NOTE PT.2: NO, NO IT DOES NOT]

State your cases and cast your votes! Make this argumentative bitch proud! Voting ends Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. EDT.


Coffee ice cream is effing amazing and since my beloved MOCHA ALMOND FUDGE lost to (pathetic) chocolate vanilla swirl, I will be voting for it until the end and just adding my own damn fudge and almonds.

And also, Cherry/Cherry vanilla because I am voting out of spite. Mature, I know. :-p

OMG OMG OMG I love cardamon.

Have you ever had Kulfi? There’s a place I eat at when I’m in Harrisburg, PA (my state capitol) that serves this AMAZING Kulfi- It’s like Saffron and Cardamon and rose water and is like heaven.

And though no, I haven’t had it, they do make Pastachio flavored Kulfi. NOM.

I really want to try making this cardamon and Pistachio flavored Kulfi. *_* Or even Saffron Pistachio Kulfi!

Honestly, I like the texture of Kulfi better than western Ice cream for some reason. It just feels better in my mouth.

A local ice-cream shop has Kulfi here, it’s so good! I didn’t realize it was a well-known flavor. They make all home-made ice-cream and often the employees just screw around and if they stumble upon a delicious mixture of things they sell it, so I thought that was what was going on with the kulfi. Mmmm, now I’m tempted to get some tomorrow.

Confession time: I am the biggest chocolate lover on the block. I’m essentially a cliche in my love of all things chooclate. But chocolate ice cream leaves me cold (see what I did there?)

No but really. I find it icky. Perhaps too many times sampling the really cheap chocolate icecream from Safeway as a child, I do not know. But man. COFFEE FOR THE WIN.

EXACTLY. Needs more chocolate! Even the good ones just aren’t chocolatey enough for me on their own. Probably because chocolate is easiest to taste when warm, so you need a lot more of the stuff to make it register when it’s frozen.

Chocolate all the way!!

I have to disagree with you on the cherry/cherry vanilla. That flavor does not contain chocolate in any form, much less a decadent fudge swirl. The only thing that can even be considered without chocolate is caramel or nuts. Chocolate vanilla swirl is obviously the better of the two.

While there are some pretty amazing chocolate ice creams out there (usually gelato, or made by small creameries), I do agree that it is best when there is fudge actually in it. If I have to choose between chocolate and vanilla fudge swirl, I might have to pick the swirl. Because fudge; drool…

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