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I have become obsessed with eating ice cream now. I always *wanted* it, but now it’s like an itch I have to scratch…

I had something UH-MAY-ZING the other day – Ciao Bella Key Lime Gelato sandwiches, in graham cracker squares. UNF. Sadly, they are rather pricey, so this can’t be a regular treat for me. But so worthwhile!

Updated bracket I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM here… Today we’ve got Vanilla (bean) v. Butter Pecan/Praline, and Raspberry/Black Raspberry v. Neapolitan.

There are strong cases to be made for the contenders; in fact, your bracketmaster is still undecided on the first match! Are you willing to take the challenge and make a stand for your favorite? Will you let your favorite go without a fight? Don’t disappoint me, y’all: State your cases and cast your votes!

Voting open until Wednesday 5:00 p.m. EDT.

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I don’t know half of these! This is so very clear a gap between Old World and New World. Europe is all like ‘ ya keep ye boots on, we’ve been eating these flavours for the past thousands years’  while New World is ‘lol nope we left for a reason I’m going to create every flavour I can think of because ~FREEDOM~’

This might be a slightly exaggerated reply.

This contest has minimal meaning for me now that coffee and peanut butter are out.  All I have left is cookie dough.  But i do hate Neapolitan (JUST CHOOSE A FLAVOR!  And nobody wants the strawberry party anyways) so I guess I still have a horse in today’s race.

It was appreciated as a family when I was a kid… but even for banana splits, I prefer more interesting flavors. I had coffee and strawberry ice creams with bananas the other day, and it was stellar–I suppose mint chocolate chip wouldn’t work, but bananas go with most things!

Butter Pecan vs Vanilla (bean) was hard. Sometimes Vanilla is the perfect flavor to balance out a super chocolate-y brownie or something. However, I’m more likely to eat ice-cream by itself than with brownies so I had to go with that. Plus, we need to avenge Pistachio somehow.

However, Neapolitan vs Black Raspberry? So very very easy. Black raspberry is the business, whether it’s sorbet/ice-cream/ or gelato.

Anything from Ciao Bella is awesome. Did you know they make blackberry cabernet sorbet?! And their blood orange sorbet is soooooo good!

I have to admit being surprised Neapolitan made it this far. I always felt meh about it since we usually got the crappy kind when I was a kid.  I have since had super amazing strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla ice creams separately, but never together.

BTW, did you know Safeway makes a strawberry ice cream with fudge flakes in it that will melt your face off. It is amazing, made with real strawberries and the fudge. droool. the fudge.

The only previous face-melting flavors I had encountered were B&J’s cake batter and their Dublin Mudslide.

Okay, first of all, those key lime gelato graham cracker squares are AH-MAZING! I was just thinking about them the other day and trying to will them into my freezer.

Now for the voting. I’m going to have to go with vanilla and raspberry. A good vanilla is just SO good and is a great base for just about any topping. Raspberry anything is usually yummy and I’ve always felt very meh about Neapolitan.

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