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It’s Already the Weekend Open Thread

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By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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Sooooooo, I just donated $10.



I got a job!!!!

I haven’t signed any papers yet, so it could still all go to hell, but I got verbal confirmation today that I will get the paperwork on Monday and that I will start on the 6th. Yay!!! And it is one I’m actually interested in. That will help people! I’m going to be helping the people who help the people who help the people treat cancer! (I’ll be working on digital pathology software and devices, hence the many derivations.)


So PoM, I’d like a gif that includes Dr. Who, chocolate, Arrested Development, or cats. (I’ll donate $5 extra if you have one that has all of those things in one gif; and furthermore, I will bow to your supreme mastery of teh internets and the art of giffery.) Now however, I am off to unfuck!

My Loki-boy will wrap his little fuzzy grey paws around my neck if I try to put him down sometimes. It’s so adorable. He then usually tries to eat my face but for a few moments it’s the most precious thing in the world. My Mara-girl does not do affection as such. This is also one of my favorite gifs. I’m glad you enjoy it too. <3

Awwwww. Loki-boy sounds cute. My girl likes sitting on my lap, but she’s all about her comfort, not mine. She has an oral fixation, so she’ll be sitting on my lap cute as can be and then she’ll just start gnawing away. It doesn’t hurt or anything, she knows better than to bite hard, but it is really annoying and kind of gross.

Whenever I get another kitty, I hope I end up with one that hugs.

You mean a personal laminator? I’ve used a cold laminator before, and it worked… okay? The plastic didn’t hold up for a month in my classroom. Many times, teacher stores will charge a nominal amount per foot to laminate for you with the good stuff. It might be hard to get it quick right now, with back to school around the corner, but it’s worth a shot.


I was 10 years old when Scream 2 came out and I remember having a huge crush on Olyphant. Which says many things about me…considering his role in that movie….and that I was a 10 year old with crushes on grown ass men.

And that I had good taste in celebrity crushes, even at 10 years old!


Persephoneers! We’re running a fun time fundraiser this weekend, to help us meet our server goals. Anyone who can donate a little fundage to the cause (using the handy yellow PayPal button in the sidebar) will be eligible for one of these SPECTACULAR PRIZES.

For a donation of $5, your name will be added to a nifty widget in the sidebar, plus one of the editors will post a .gif which describes how much we love you.

For a donation of $10, you get the above, plus a unicorn drawn by QueSarahSarah

For a donation of $20, you get all the above, plus Sara B. will write a poem for you.

For a donation of $30, you get all of the above, plus free ad space to promote whatever you’d like for one month. (a 125×125 px sidebar ad)

For a donation of $50, you get all of the above, plus one of the editors or writers will craft a personalized fanfic starring you and your favorite celebrity/famous figure/cultural icon. Please let us know if you’d like that PG-13, R or MA.

For a donation of $100, you get all of the above, PLUS, I’ll let you be editor for a day. (Nobody ever takes me up on that one. I am not really surprised.)

For a donation of $264.50 (our server bill for one month), I’ll take all the ads off the site for the entire month of August, plus all of the above, plus an honorary title of some sort.

As always, we don’t expect donations, and we love all our readers the same, whether they can donate or not. If you can give, I promise we’ll put it to good use, and show you a good time in the process.

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