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My awesome new/first-ever boyfriend, who I adore, has some sort of circulatory blood clot issue he’s had for years, and he won’t be able to see a doctor about it until the whole pre-existing condition thing isn’t a problem anymore. So, not for two years. Then he’ll get health insurance and see someone about it.

My uncle died from a rare blood disorder. I remember that he was on a blood thinner, I think cumadin. I don’t know if what my boyfriend has is similar or the same thing, and I guess I won’t know for quite awhile.

I can’t sleep. I keep worrying. I hate the healthcare system in this stupid country.

Okay glorious editors, I have a question. I just dropped about 2500 points for no reason. And this isn’t the first time it’s happened this weekend. Did I do something to get them taken away? And if so what? I’d like to not repeat it. I like playing with the points, but only within the system, so I’m confused now..

This weekend was glorious! I saw my friends for the last time until Christmas last night at the monthly mixers we’ve been going to- nobody cried at the bar, we just had a delicious dinner and then a few hours of drinking + dancing + everybody making out with one another. I drank a $15 ‘mini-pitcher’ of gin + lychee liquer + lime + soda and got a lapdance from one of my girlfriends (amazing).

My best guy friend cried this morning as I was leaving to go home- of all the partings, that one is one of the hardest. But I’m starting to realize that moving is less than 48hrs away- and there’s a little excitement there.

I has a story for you!

So, I was going on my first date with the boy. I had met the boy back in November of 2005 at a Bauhaus concert in NYC, and we’d kept in touch via the interwebs since then but hadn’t seen each other in person. So it was an anxiety producing event. But the Date went well- We went to a Pinball arcade a couple blocks from st Mark’s place, and we had some food.

After that, I mentioned the Way Station and that I wanted to go there some day. Even though he doesn’t drink alcohol at ALL and before then hadn’t watched Doctor Who, he offered to take me. It was a bit of a hike for me (no cane and no arch supports at that point!) but he let me use him like a cane half the way.

I had a 10th Doctor’s Screw Driver and A Dark and Stormageddon. I am in Love with the Dark and Stormageddon. OMG. Best date ever.

My party was a smashing success! Lots of people showed up. Different friend groups mixed and talked with each other. I think I’m finally succeeding at this life thing and having friends. I still have dishes to clean up, but it doesn’t look that bad!


I am the only one in my group of temp people at my job that is remaining in the same work environment (most of the group is going to another part of the bookstore, but I’m staying in the shipping-and-receiving area). I also make a point to do whatever work is available, even if it’s taking out the trash or filing paperwork or reorganizing/separating shipments-in-progress. I am thinking this might could be a good sign.

Boyfriend and I went to the new Batman movie yesterday, and it’s excellent. Great closure to the trilogy, great representations of characters (I like how Nolan presented Selina Kyle/Catwoman), and just the faintest glimmer of hope at the end. Not in a cheesy or schmaltzy or unrealistic way, but there’s definitely a sense that things will get better and the “good guys” won’t quit. Of course, I hadn’t seen the first movie in this version (movies are expensive, y’all!), and Boyfriend decided that would be a good way to finish the evening with our breakfast-biscuit-dinner. Until we were stuck at the grocery store for an hour because of crazy thunderstorms, and since he lives about half a mile from that store, we walked there (with a quick detour to his brother’s house to walk the dog, who saw lightning and all but ran back to the house after the “taking care of business” part of the walk). So we watched the first ep of season two of Buffy instead, since we got back to the house at 10 and still had to make dinner.

I’m moving next Monday, you guys! New apartment and new roommates (only two, not four or five!!!). And I can get netflix and get caught up on all of the movies I’ve missed! Even though it’s not quite as convenient (the closest bus stop is the city bus that I have to pay for, not the university bus that is free) it will be great. Especially if the job goes full-time. I’ve been trying to get to this point, where things are working and I’m not on the verge of being unable to pay rent (much less eat), since December. I really, really hope I’m almost there. I want to start planning grad school applications and things.

That’s awesome! Yay for fewer roommates and for having employers who notice good things. :) I’m going to see Dark Knight Rises in about an hour. I can’t wait. I’ve been dying to see it. I’ve been hearing so many good things about it. :3

Ok more randomness, cos I excel at it – anyone have a tried-and-true remedy for gassy puppies? Snoopy may be cute as a button but his favorite sleeping spot is under my desk and he’s killing me.

Changing his food isn’t an option right now; we have a big bag to get through first, and Google gave me so many options I don’t know which to try first.

Gas can come from a food-related issue, an illness, or taking in too much air.

If he has already been checked by a vet to rule out gastrointestinal disease, it could very well be a food allergy/food based issue. In that case, a food change would be necessary to stop it. Unless he is also throwing up or has chronic diarrhea, it is probably ok to wait until the current bag of food is done to switch to a different food. If he does have chronic vomiting or diarrhea, I’d change the food asap to avoid chronic dehydration/electrolyte imbalances. Lots of shelters will take dog food donations, even if they are opened, so you wouldn’t necessarily have to waste it!

As for what to switch him to, it might take some trial and error to find out what works for him. The big things that usually cause food allergies in pets, from my experience, are corn, soy, and wheat. Try him on a grain free diet and see how that works. I’ve had dog walking/cat sitting clients who have had allergies to chicken and beef as well and had to eat other protein sourced food.

If the gas is caused by taking in too much air, it would probably be because he is eating too fast and gulping down air with his food. If that is the case, just put some water in with his kibble, enough to just cover it, and it will help slow him down a bit.

I second the water-in-the-food thing. My dog actually prefers her food with water in it. Don’t know why. Other than that, she only gets gassy if she’s gotten into any people food, mostly things with wheat in it. I currently feed her the Blue Buffalo Basics Salmon and Potato recipe. Since she’s allergic to sweet potato and needs a high-fiber diet (oh, the joys of dog constipation… no, it’s pretty terrible, the anal glands get blocked and then it’s a whole THING), and the only commercial dog foods I’ve found that are high in fiber have sweet potato, I also give her baby carrots as a snack. She loves them. Up to 3 a day is not bad, and it’s a good healthy treat.

I’m just going to say, this is why I love you guys: When I set an arbitrary goal to level up in an insane amount of time, not only do you not mock me but you help me. You’ve knocked off a third of the points I need in one night, not even 24hr, more like 12. I’m down to needing 10,777. :D You guys rock.

Indeed, and I bet there are more than just a few of us who miss being able to see who the 13 highest rankers are. I know I do, but I’m silly and broke top 6 for about a day just to see if I could do it. :P

P-Mag a place where happiness thrives on random points, unicorns, and David Tennant.

I just cleaned the communal areas of my apartment in 90 minutes and now I’m contemplating making banana bread with my usual recipe, substituting the banana bread for blueberries and/or strawberries. Warnings/suggestions welcome…

I’m having a Kulfi making marathon, and realized I needed a “prove you’ve mastered this skill” attempt- that is, an attempt where I make up half the recipe on instinct. I’ve decided since I have a watermelon in my fridge, that attempt will be a watermelon Kulfi. I’m trying to figure out what if any additions I should make- I have a mango, but I already made mango kulfi, and I have cardamom and. . . not sure what else. My alternative would be to attempt a veggie kulfi, which could be. . . interesting. I mean, Cucumber kulfi? Bizarre.

Today (er, well technically yesterday) I helped my best friend and his boyfriend move into their first place together. And in the process ended up having a mini filing cabinet dropped on my foot :( No bruising yet, but the top part of my foot is really swollen and hurts. Also hurts to bend my toes too far down. What do you think, P-doctors–just a bump or do you think I might have fractured some stupid tiny foot bone? :-/

On the other hand, moving them into their new place in 90 degree weather was a continuous 4 hour work out and I was rewarded with baked ziti, beer, and brownies.

Why are mini-filing cabinets such assholes?  Wow.  I got a pretty decent goose-egg by banging my head into the corner of one in my classroom this last spring…

Ice is your friend if you have swelling.  Ice or frozen veggies.  20 minutes on 40 minutes off and stay off your feet tonight.  As for doctors, see how it looks and, more importantly, how it feels tomorrow.  I’m not a doctor, so feel free to ignore my advice, but I don’t think they can really set the little bones in your foot.  I’m sure they’d take an x-ray, and if something is fractured, put you in a boot or give you some crutches.  If you can put pressure on it tomorrow without too much pain, I’d think you’d be okay (again…not medical professional), but if it hurts, go to the doctor.  I don’t know your money/insurance situation, but if that’s covered, all you’ll lose by going to the doctor is an hour or two of your day.  That’s better than further messing up your foot.

Ibuprofen, I think, can also cut down on swelling, as well as the pain.  (I don’t think acetaminophen will help with swelling, but it will help with pain.)

Hope you heal quickly, and I am super jealous of your ziti and brownies!

Thanks to Obama, I’ll have insurance until November 2013 under my dad’s plan so if I do have to go to a doctor, I’ll be able to swing it financially. It’ll still be a pain in the ass since I’ll have to take off work….which is dog walking. Oh the irony. I have off the next two days so I’m just going to try to keep off of it as much as possible.

The ziti and brownies were definitely enviable!

Yeouch. I banged my foot up pretty good a few months ago now.  I had a big purple bump on top of my foot, swelling, couldn’t move my toes without sending sharp pain up my foot.  Fun stuff.  I was convinced it was broken, but the pain went away within 4-5 days so it obviously wasn’t. I just made sure to keep it elevated when I could, took ibuprofen (aleve/naproxen would also work as it’s another type of NSAID), and iced it.  :)

But I really hope yours isn’t broken! Definitely get it checked out if it keeps bothering you.


I’d guess (not a doctor, just talking from lots of previous experience with foot injuries…) that if you haven’t seen any bruising yet – and I’m talking wicked dark bruises – you’ve probably avoided a fracture. Stick with the ice and rest plan but if things are getting worse rather than better you probably need an x-ray. Depending on the type and location of a metatarsal fracture, they can put it in plaster or just strap it up.

Ouch that’s rough but, I do think you’re probably okay. As long as you can move your toes and you don’t see any bruising, you’re probably fine. I would add wrapping your foot up though to everyone else’s suggestions… You know the old adage: Rice- Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. It works wonders for all foot ailments.

It’s still sore this morning but a lot better. I hesitate to say that it’s going to be ok though because my body tends to hold off a few days before being like, “Hey! Remember that time you bumped into something/dropped something on you/twisted an appendage weird? Well it’s been three days and you think you’re ok BUT HERE’s SOME BRUISES/PAIN/BUMPS/SPRAINS!”

Stupid body.

That is fucking awesome, and I would totally get that for all my nieces in a heartbeat. (All two of them) One of them is a lot like me as a kid, she looks to reject gender norms but is caught in the place of feeling “different” because she’ll never be “one of the boys.” She doesn’t have the vocabulary of feminism yet to really articulate how she feels about things. So I think she’d love something like this.

Ha. This reminded me…I lived under wrestlers in college and whenever they decided to have a little fun (aka have sex), our entire dorm room would shake. The mirrors and closet doors and yeah, we’d let it go for awhile but if it was an extra long session, we’d get on our bunk beds and pound the ceiling with our feet which always got them to settle down a bit. :)

Noisy neighbors are fun.

I use 2 avocados for just me and add one more for each additional person who comes – cut into bite sized cubes. With the basic I throw in one smallish hot house tomato diced small (seeds discarded – just the flesh). About 3-4 cloves raw garlic (I love garlic) chopped itty bitty. Sometimes I’ll add a little shallot or green onion if I have it but I didn’t tonight. Roughly chopped fresh cilantro. The juice of a lime – or lemon if it is all I have. Sometimes I’ll zest them and add that if I’m feeling fancy (I was tonight). Mix together for deliciousness. Salt and pepper to taste. Sometimes a touch of cumin or chili powder if it tastes a bit bland but mostly just as fresh and raw as I can make it. So good. Have never had a complaint about it.

Hmm… Generally I cut off the end then I smash the garlic to remove it from the casing (which helps with the mincing sometimes if it doesn’t get obliterated). Then do a few horizontal slices and some lengthwise ones – leaving the end intact and dice it into roughly cous cous size bits. I’m a little bit crazy with my mincing – probably  not at all how you’re supposed to. It’s really unnecessarily small and nit-picky. I don’t really mind big pieces of garlic but I just like having tons of it all over the place. I am not sure this helps? Viva la garlic!

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