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Ladyghosts of TV Past: Battlestar Galactica: 3.18: Crossroads, Pt. 1

Previously on Battlestar Galactica ““ whoa, we’re back on New Caprica! Roslin’s doing a voiceover, talking about how hundreds were detained, some executed; then the Cylons are holding a gun to Baltar’s head, ordering him to sign off on death warrants; Tigh kills Ellen his wife for betraying the resistance on New Caprica; the delightful Mark Shepard comes on as Romo Lampkin, as Baltar’s attorney, and Lee wants to help Lampkin, and has a fight with his Daddy.

Roslin, walking away from the camera, down an ornate hallway.
This is the opera house. Just, um, keep it in mind? Or something?

OH SHIT OPERAHOUSE DREAM! (I think this is the first one?) OH BOY. Okay. So Roslin’s in a big empty ornate operahouse, and so is Hera, and Hera’s toddling around, giggling. Athena shows up, and is also looking for Hera, and then Six shows up, picks up Hera, and disappears. Roslin awakes with a start.

Gaeta’s briefing Adama, the entire fleet is able to jump again. Adama wants a trailing Raptor to stay behind longer than usual. (why?) Down at the bar, Tigh is fiddling with a radio, trying to get a song. Seelix and Anders are playing Foosball/Table Pyramid, and Anders picks up on the song Tigh’s trying to find, but Seelix doesn’t.

On Colonial one, Tory informs the prosecuting attorney that Roslin wants Baltar tried for genocide, for involvement in the attacks on Caprica. The attorney refuses, saying she doesn’t want Laura Roslin’s drug-induced visions as part of the trial. Ouch.

Baltar's visitor - a young-ish white woman, wearing a suit, hold the bars of his cell and looks pleadingly at him.
Hey girl. You believe in Baltar? Kay.

Down in Galactica’s brig, Baltar has a guest ““ and a new sexy outfit! The guest, while wearing a press pass, would like Baltar to bless a photo of her son. She believes in Baltar, apparently. What does that mean? Baltar freaks out a bit and calls for a guard. Oh, Head Six informs us this is the fifth person who’s come to Baltar asking for, what, a miracle? And 30-40 people have written letters. Head Six thinks this is good ““ Baltar’s become famous, his name will live on.

Racetrack is on the Raptor left behind to check if the Cylons are following them, which, seeing as Racetrack only shows up when things need to be discovered, so I’m sure this odd plotline won’t go anywhere. (I really don’t remember where this particular bit goes.)

The prosecuting attorney - another young-ish white woman in a suit, though this one looks like she's got her act together.
Oh hi, prosecuting attorney. Also, hi courtroom!

Oooh, Baltar’s trial! Opening arguments! The prosecuting attorney has a good opening speech, though it’s a bit overwrought. The lady who wanted Baltar to bless her son is in the audience (as are Gaeta and Dee.) And now we find out that there’s a difference of 5,197 people in the populations pre and post New Caprica. Opening arguments are broadcast throughout the fleet.

Lampkin opens his argument by changing Baltar’s plea to guilty, and suggesting that we just kill Baltar now. But we’re better than mob justice. And Laura Roslin wants vengeance for loosing the election, and Baltar saved us all on New Caprica, because he choose to surrender and survive when the Cylons showed up.

The scary thing here is you can see Baltar believing Lampkin’s words.

Over with Racetrack, a fuckton (frakton?) of Cylons show up. Several baseships worth. Racetrack and her co-pilot jump away just in time. (Does co-pilot have a name?)

Adama orders the entire fleet searched for tracking devices. Roslin suggests they ask Caprica Six, and Tigh disparages the idea. He also uses the phrase “half-Cylon whelp.” Roslins says she’s got a feeling Caprica Six wants to protect Hera. Adama directs Tigh to  question Caprica Six. Lee’s on the bridge, and smells Roslin’s thermos, while ominous music plays.

A close up of Caprica Six's face and Baltar's face.
It is shocking how much I dislike Baltar compared to how much I love Head Baltar.

Back in the brig, Tigh goes to question Caprica Six. He is, you know, Tigh. Caprica Six says that the Cylons discovered the fuel ship has a unique radiation signature, and they must’ve figured out how to track it. Tigh replies with insults, and Head Baltar appears! Love a good Head Baltar. He gives spot-on advice, and Caprica Six uses it to fuck with Tigh’s head about Ellen ““ she does a damn good job, too, his jaw’s quivering by the end of it. And then Tigh backhands her across the face, Caprica punches him in the jaw, and orders Caprica into shackles.

Tigh testifying, looking sad.
His frowny face is literally a parenthesis. :(

Oh, hey, now Tigh’s on the stand! He says Baltar never did a thing to help ““ Ellen did more. Baltar says Tigh’s drunk. Its Lampkin’s turn to question Tigh, and nobody on that side knows what happened to Ellen. Lampkin throws the suicide bombing at the police graduation ceremony in Tigh’s face. Lampkin then asks what happened to Ellen ““ didn’t she work for the Cylons? Tigh claims she was faking it. Also, he’s had a drink, but hasn’t been drinking. Tigh hears the music again, and comments on it, which is a bad idea when you’re on the witness stand. Lampkin asks who killed Ellen, over and over again, until Tigh admits that he killed her ““ and turns to Adama to own up to it. Tigh says he killed her for collaborating, though she collaborated to save Tigh. Tigh blames Baltar for not standing up to the Cylons. Tigh then admits he’d say and do anything to see Baltar die. Really, Tigh, did you not watch Caprica Law & Order growing up? Way to be a horrible witness.

Tory heads down to the bar, and Anders is there, and we’re focusing on those two, and the music that Tigh heard earlier keeps playing.

Roslin’s testifying. She was one of 200 people taken because her name was on a death list, signed by Baltar. They take a break, and Lampkin and Baltar talk about finding a way to discredit Roslin. Lee’s silent, and both of the other men realize he knows something. Lee goes on and on about really believing in the system. Lampkin says that if he’s here for the system and truth, justice, etc, he needs to tell them what he knows ““ otherwise he’s just involved to piss off his father. Drama drums!

Somewhere else, Adama Sr. is forcibly putting Saul to bed. Tigh is DRUNK.  Adama says that they found the radiation pattern the Cylon told them about, and its getting fixed. He says they’re back on their way to Earth. Tigh says he can’t smell Ellen anymore, and then apologizes for embarrassing Adama.

Adama, glaring at us.
Let’s put Bill Adama’s parenting on trial!

Lee’s talking to his father, and suggests not fixing the Tillium ship, and instead using it to throw off the Cylons. Lee then asks how the President’s doing. Adama says they can’t talk about the trial, and after Lee’s treatment of Tigh, Adama’s not gonna trust him. Adama thinks Lee knew how Ellen died, and gave that information to Lampkin. He calls Lee a liar and a coward and is just really horrible and its suddenly a whole lot less surprising that Bill Adama was a crappy father. Lee responds by saying he’s done, and takes off his officer pins. Lee says he won’t serve under someone who questions his integrity, Adama replies he won’t have an officer who doesn’t have any.

President Roslin, looking sad and contemplative
Aw hon.

And then Lee hows up in a suit and where the hell did he get that? Lee asks to be the one to question Laura Roslin. He opens with asking if Baltar saved her life when she was dying of cancer, and then asks if she took camalla extract as a cancer treatment. Lee asks if her visions were not sent by the Gods to guide the human race to Earth, but rather a side effect of the meds. Lee’s told to wrap it up, and he steps up close to Roslin, who starts whispering “please don’t do this.” Lee asks if President Roslin is taking camalla at this time. Adama tells her to not answer, and tries to dismiss Roslin as a witness, but the other judges insist. Roslin confirms she’s takin camalla again, and volunteers the information that her cancer is back.

So fuck.

Speaking of, Dee’s packing her shit up ““ she advocates the dismantling of the system, rather than Lee’s defense of it. Dee leaves. Lee throws paper.

Roslin’s holding a press conference, fielding questions about camalla, and Tory gets defensive and insulting, and Roslin sends her away. Post-conference, Roslin lays into Tory, who isn’t feeling well. Roslin then shames Tory for wearing her hair curly, which I take personal offense to.

Tigh is passed out somewhere, and hears the music again.

Hey, Helo! Helo’s XO again for a minute. And, oh, they’re using Lee’s idea of using the Tyllium ship to throw the Cylons off their path. We’re three jumps away from the nebula, and that’s supposed to be the next clue to Earth. Helo talks about being able to smell when a storm’s coming, and says that the weather is changing. Tigh decides that the music is in the frakking ship, and this disturbs him.

Saul Tigh, looking terrified.

To be continued!

Okay, so. The song. There are several major gaps in my knowledge of music, and I did NOT recognize this song at all. Do we want to talk about said song? If anyone’s watching along with these recaps, do you recognize it? Do you want to know what it is? HELP ME HELP YOU.

Monchichi does the screencaps, and they are simply the best.

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The song is “All Along the Watchtower,” and was written by Bob Dylan, who recorded it, but then Jimi Hendrix recorded it and it’s largely considered one of Hendrix’s defining songs.

It also leads to my favorite BSG pun ever (and I wish I could remember where I stole this from): “‘There must be some kind of way out of here,’ said the toaster to the Chief.”

Well yes, I know that now! :)

I guess what I should have asked was, the first time you saw this episode, did you recognize the song? I’ve since listened to it a number of times, and to me, its not really obvious what’s being played, this early in the plotline.

I was part of a SUPER ON IT forum for BSG fans at the time, so I caught on pretty quickly. This is not my favorite BSG plot twist, by a long shot.  I remember swearing at the TV through several episodes, and I can’t say any more without spoilers.

I think the writing team got stoned on some really good shit and listened to Hendrix, then were like:




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