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Lunchtime Poll: Childhood Style Icons

When I was eight years old, I wanted to be Jem.

But honestly, who wouldn’t?

Each of us had a style icon who influenced her early sense of style. Who was yours? Punky Brewster? Rainbow Brite? Margaret Thatcher?

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I think the earliest style icons I had were pretty diverse; Debbie Harry, Boy George, Kate Bush. But I’m a kid of the late 70s/80s so ‘style’ was varied/all over the place, and my low/no-budget clothing was pretty much a style all its own back then. Still to this day, I love 40s-inspired pieces, 60s acid-psychedelic, neon-angular 80s, steampunk, goth… when I looked over the stuff I pin on Pinterest, I finally figured out that my dream home is a medieval castle that robots on acid decorated, so I kind of dress to match that aesthetic…

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