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Lunchtime Poll: Apricots vs. Cherries. No, Really

I have been married for four years. In that time, I have learned that my husband’s opinion on the important matters of my day-to-day life–such as “What kind of dried fruit should go in these here biscotti?”–are sure to be met with an off-the-cuff, unconsidered answer. He just wants me at peace in my mind, not tormenting myself over this unimportant question all day (as I am prone to do). But that doesn’t really help me pin down which would be best. For that, I’m relying on you and the consensus of today’s Lunchtime Poll.

Pic of dried raisins, cherries, apricots, and oatmeal
Image courtesy of Time Anchor

I love biscotti. The issue for me is that I never know what mix-in to use that will appeal to the most palates. I’m bringing these to the office for a few of the content editors who sit around me. They wanted something healthy, something preferably vegan (no honey, egg, or butter!), but something tasty, too. So I’m replacing all sweeteners with coconut sugar, using my handy-dandy vegan substitutes for egg and butter, and taste-testing these into the ground. And yet, I’m still unsure which dried fruit to use.

Note: these will be drizzled with dark (vegan-friendly) chocolate upon completion.

What would you choose? Dried apricots or cherries? We can leverage the full force and wisdom of the Internet to answer this most critical of dilemmas!

By Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller is a twenty-something blogger, cook, freelance writer and editor living in Seattle, Washington. She’s a feminist trying ever-so-hard to embrace her spaces, conventional or not. She looks forward to numerous bad hair days, burnt cremes, a soapbox or two, and maybe (just maybe) a yellow polka-dot bikini in the years ahead.

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Hell, I’d do both. I’ve *done* both! With walnuts, in fact. For just one, I personally prefer apricot to cherry; but honestly, given all the substitutions you’re making, I have no idea how the resultant texture and taste will interact with either fruit.

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