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Lunchtime Poll: Summer Can Suck It

I know, I know, there are many summer-lovin’ readers out there. BUT. This summer has been brutal and I can’t take it anymore. I love fall, like any good Northeasterner, and I can’t wait to be wrapped in its crisp embrace.

So I thought I’d open the floor to everyone who doesn’t like summer, so we could all share our least favorite things about the sweatiest season. It’s hard for me to pick just one thing, but I think the worst part of the season for me is getting out of the shower and instantly sweating. Grumble, grumble.

Anyway, who else hates summer, and why?

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I hate summer because I live in Texas and IT’S FUCKING HOT. So hot that it deserves caps and swears! Plus it’s humid about half the time where I live right now. I walked about, I don’t know, six or seven houses down to the mailbox today and my shirt was damp by the time I got there.


Summer is the worst.  Did you know they don’t make shorts for tall people unless you’re also less than 130 pounds?  This is a fact.  It’s wear jeans in 90 degree weather for three months or look like an undesirable hooker.

I would like it to be fall now, please.

This is why I love a) capris, and b) cutting off pants and hemming them with my sewing machine.
Seriously, why is it so hard for companies to make a pair of shorts that do not make me feel like I need a bikini wax before I can wear them out?

I hate shorts for this very reason.  Why must they be so short!? I know my legs are long, but still.  Grrrr… I did, however, find a few pairs that managed to cover all of my ass and a few inches of my thighs. I paid more than I wanted to…but eh, I wear them all of the time because it’s hot in Louisiana.

I miss fall and winter.  My sweaters look so sad in my closet. :(

I know, it took me forever to find mine. I don’t like shorts with a cuffed bottom and when I was searching around for them that’s all i could find. Argh.

J-crew has some really nice chino shorts, but best of all, they come in 3,4,5,7, or 9 inch length. I love mine.  In fact, I get most of stuff to cover my bottom half at J-crew.  They have awesome sales and everything fits me great.

My denim shorts were the hardest to find.  I went into the Buckle with a younger cousin and found a  pair in there.  I honestly felt like god was spitting in my face because I avoid that store at all costs–too many bad memories of jean shopping.  And really? I was not expecting the Buckle to have modest short options, but I was wrong. Hope this helps, I know how it feels. :)


I didn’t realize I hated summer until I moved from coastal New England to central Illinois, and I CANNOT DEAL! I hate how fierce the sun is without trees, hills, or sea breeze to cool things – more than five minutes outside and it’s like being smothered with a huge burning pillow. I actually just bought a fancy little parasol that helps a bit.

I can’t say I really hate summer, but despite it being the season with my birthday, I don’t care for it all that much. I like long days and doing stuff outdoors, but I also get very jealous of all the kids who get a couple month break. I wanna summer break!

Yes! I hate summer. The longer days are nice, but the heat is just awful. I don’t want to go outside at all and whenever I do I find myself dripping in sweat within minutes. Not fun.

The thing is, winter is also generally cold enough that I’d rather stay inside. But the difference is that I can always put another layer on. Hats and gloves and mittens. Tights and leggings and jeans. In the summer there are only so many layers you can take off and it’s never enough.

I’m eagerly awaiting the temperature change come Autumn

Well, I’m not a fan of ticks and mosquitoes and the like, or having no energy to exercise because of the heat, and the backs of my knees getting sweaty…. oookay, who am I kidding? No ice on the ground? No wading in knee-deep snow? More than 4 hours of daylight a day? No need to dress like a goddamn polar explorer? BRING.IT.ON.


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