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Lunchtime Poll: What Would You Do?

The situation is this: you’ve just found a bag containing $100k (or your local equivalent) in cash. You, being the law-abiding Persephoneer I know you are, bring it to the police. The police, after conducting a thorough investigation, tell you, “Finders keepers.” It’s legally your money; let’s say it just dropped out of the sky. No one’s missing it.

What do you do with that money?

33 replies on “Lunchtime Poll: What Would You Do?”

Make a significant dent in my mom’s mortgage. Pay off my best friend’s school loans. Not take the job I’m thinking about taking; take a contract job instead, that way I can make money while I plan my exciting 4 month worldwide adventure. End job. Go on said worldwide adventure. Buy lots of pretty things on said adventure and send them back so I don’t have to schlep them with me. Come back completely broke.

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