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Lunchtime Poll: What’s in Your Netflix Queue?

It’s summer time, and when it’s too hot to be outside, it’s a good time to catch up on Netflix. 

My house is somewhat obsessed with Netflix streaming through the Wii. When there’s nothing new on television, what do you watch on Netflix or get on DVD? Do you do television series or movies?

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I’m an equal opportunity Netflixer…so, a la high fidelity, the top five in each queue>

War Horse
Secret World of Arriertty
We Need To Talk About Kevin
Joyful Noise (nobody will stop me from watching Dolly…in any damn thing she’s in, no matter how bad)


Bloodrayne: The Third Reich
The Rum Diary
The Guild
The Raven

I have more things in my instant queue then I will probably ever watch. Right now I’m watching Doctor Who and Parks and Rec Season 2. I’m also big into stand-up comedy so I watch a show or 2 a month, as well as documentaries surrounding the food industry.

The next shows on my list include Mad Men, Battlestar Galactica, and Buffy.

I watched a great movie on The Instants the other night, World’s Greatest Dad. It’s a movie by Bobcat Goldthwait, starring Robin Williams, and it’s dark, dark, dark comedy. I wouldn’t put it on if there’s any chance the kids are going to walk in and see any of it, but I think you would appreciate it.

*There is surprise Mork wang.

Just watched Pariah last night. It was sometimes difficult to watch but ended so nicely. Loved that.  And before that I watched Attack the Block which I LOVED.  I might just buy that movie.

And on instant, I’m rewatching Doctor Who, and getting ready to start Downton Abbey.

Right now it’s mostly British shows and exercise videos. The exercise videos are great in theory because I will in theory use them to exercise. So far, this theory has not really panned out, but it is still within the realm of possibility!

I do love the very bizarre categories that Netflix will create for you. Mine currently are: Campy Satires, Dark Action Thrillers, Quirky Horror Movies, Exciting TV Shows, Mind-bending Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Feel-good Showbiz Musicals, Goofy Classic TV Shows, Emotional Foreign Thrillers, Cerebral Independent Comedies, and Witty TV Shows Featuring a Strong Female Lead.

I love them, too. They are all so me that it’s almost embarrassing how predictible I am.

Witty Comedies Featuring a Strong Female Lead, Romantic BBC TV Shows, Exciting Space-Travel TV Shows. I’m pretty sure that last one is a category based solely on how many times I’ve streamed Firefly.

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