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Monday Flashback Open Thread: Arcade Games

Happy Last Monday in July, Perseph-o-Friends! I hope that July’s been all you’ve ever wanted and more. Yesterday, I took my kids to a birthday party at a local amusement place. There were bounce houses, arcade games, a bungee trampoline, bumper cars and laser tag.

Both kids are finally old enough to be fairly independent, and we all had a lot of fun. They won a lot of tickets from a couple of games, and it was reminiscent of my brothers and I carefully collecting our tickets back in the day. Yesterday, however, instead of painstakingly counting out their tickets with sweaty hands at the redemption counter, we swiped our game card and then fed the tickets into a machine. Our tickets were counted and a credit was issued onto our card. I admit it, it kind of blew my mind.

What was your favorite thing at the arcade growing up? I have always been a fan of Skee Ball and air hockey.

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Skeeball and pinball are my two forever favorites. I love that my local movie theater has two pinball machines in the lobby, and I totally admit that I have gone there just to play them and not see a movie.

I also remember there was this awesome futuristic game at the arcade (it was like $1.50 to play! which was a lot when I was 12!) where you actually “rode” a fake motorcycle to lean into the turns and whatnot. I have no idea what it was called, but if I ever found it again, I would find whatever means possible to make it mine…

Later today I’m going to apply for my absolute ideal job in the same city  and country as my boyfriend. It’s so ideal it’s almost too perfect. I’m panicking. Send me good thoughts if you have any to spare? Arrrgggh. In return I offer:

Growing up? Who says I stopped? I looooves me some first-person rail shooters, so House of the Dead, Time Crisis, Alien…Infestation? But I also love side-scroll “beat ’em up” games like the Streets of Rage series. My brothers are trying to get me into Scott Pilgrim. Its so retro, I love it. Ooh! And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I’m forever gonna love playing that game.

The first paper I’ve co-authored has just been submitted! I feel like such an adult academic type. Very exciting. Even if it gets rejected, I’m cool with it, because this submission is on the most bullshit-y part of the study, and the fancy important articles are to come later!

If this doesn’t make sense, it’s because my bocce team’s final was tonight and bocce is a sport that is meant to be played with a beer in one hand and a ball in the other. My team happens to be a bit better at the beer part.

Also, skee ball is amazing. No one should ever try to take that away.

I love Skeeball. But the boy gives me side eye for it because a lot of places end up dumping pin ball machines for more consumer friendly games like it.

Lately I’ve gotten into the arcade FPSs like House of the Dead. I just can’t afford them though. I need someone to get me a jail broke HotD machine- It would even live in my bed room. I’d play so much. . .

The boy, as I mentioned, loves pin ball. He will stop at the end of an 8 hour trip and play pin ball for a few hours instead of going home and unpacking his shit. Our first actual date even involved him taking me to a pinball arcade. (And they had a Doctor Who machine but it was out of order. ;_; ) I happen to suck at pinball, so I just enjoy watching that.

Best local arcade in actually in the movie theatre waiting area. 3-4 pinball machines, 2-3 FPSs, one or two of those riding games. . .

Little-known PoM fact: I am a skeeball CHAMPION. I roll 50s and 100s like it’s my job. Granted, these days, my shoulder is generally out of whack for a week afterwards, but I do not screw around. I also love arcade shooting games. The last time I went to Dave & Buster’s, I lost almost two hours playing the Terminator game.

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