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Monday Flashback Open Thread: Rock and Roll Music

Good Monday, friends! I hope you kept cool this weekend and the week is off to a good a start. A friend of mine just announced that her seven year old has made his first official music purchase in the iTunes store.

Which got me wondering – what was the first music you ever purchased? What format did you grow up listening to? Records were on their way out when I was a kid, and I don’t think I ever purchased an actual record. I got my feet wet purchasing cassette singles, for $2.49 at Record Town. What was my first purchase? I honestly don’t recall.  How about you? As always, feel free to hijack this OT for your own purposes.

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Some of the first albums I remember buying (or asking my parents to buy for me) are the Grease soundtrack, an ‘Elvis Sings for Kids’ album and KISS’ Rock & Roll Over. I remember getting in trouble for ruining one of my dad’s 8-track tapes. I think I pulled all of the ribbon out or something. And then cassettes were the thing when I was in junior high. CDs were becoming more common by the time I graduated high school. Still, I had a lot of cassettes because a) they were cheaper and b) you could copy them.

Remember when the record stores/music stores had to convert their album space into space for CDs, so CDs used to come in those big long cardboard or plastic packages?

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