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Afternoon, all. I am typing this in between sprinting to the bathroom to vomit, thanks to a lovely coworker coming in with the stomach flu, so please bear with my brevity.

While my puking is bug-induced, it could just as easily come from Sen. Bernie Sanders report exposing the 26 rich dudes buying the U.S. government this election cycle. Sen. Sanders, an all around bad-ass in general, presented his report, aptly titled “America For Sale: A Report on Billionaires Buying the 2012 Election,” in front of a Senate panel yesterday. Polticus USA has the full story here – Bernie Sanders Exposes the 26 Billionaires who are Buying the 2012 Election. Guess who came in at number one? Sheldon Adelson, the lovely gentleman from my article last week. He is followed by the Koch brothers and Jim Walton, one of the Wal-Mart heirs. Mother Jones had a chart up the other day regarding the Walton family that was rather interesting.

chart showing how many median wealth American families it would take to equal the wealth of the Wal Mart heirs over the last few decades
For further disheartening information, please see

As we discussed last week, the conservative Super PACs are out-raising liberal PACs by about 3-1. Mother Jones reported that one Romney backing PAC, Restore Our Future, has raised more money than the liberal PACs combined. Please see this article – CHART: One GOP Super-PAC Has Raised More Money Than Every Democratic Super-PAC Combined | Mother Jones.

You can read Sen. Sanders’ report in it’s entirety here – (If I wasn’t so sick to my stomach, #14, 15, & 16 would be making me so hungry. Seriously, Hamm, Trout, and Bacon? All in a row?? Mmmmm… bacon… nope, can’t even talk about bacon right now. BRB.)

If you aren’t familiar with Bernie Sanders, please take a look around the internet when you have a moment to catch up on what an awesome dude he is. I’ll leave you all with this while I get back to praying to my porcelain god –


Real talk, Senator. Real talk.

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I get why some non-conservatives don’t want to vote for Obama. He has some policies I’m really not pleased with … but I can’t help but think that President Obama’s worst policies are far, far better than anything we’d get from having these people in charge. Because we all know Romney will be nothing but a sock puppet – these are the people who will be deciding the fate of our government  (and quite possibly the Supreme Court).

I am getting more and more anxious for November every day.

I have this beautiful dream of Romney picking Santoum for a running mate, Paul running as an Independent, and my President walking right back in to the White House.  A girl can dream, can’t she?

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