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Peaches and cream! Kittens and boos! Rejoice! For we are back for another summer drenched week of the news of the world! Join us as we dive into the ether of the masses and attempt to navigate amongst the rhetoric and the politics that make most people’s heads spin and shudder like a diamond in the sky.  So put on your good church shoes and your standard grade helmets, and light a flame for all that’s about to come. Here’s to another dive into the weekly news of this world on our desperate search for truth, love, and hope.

Things in Syria are escalating. For six days, fighting seized neighborhoods encircling Damascus, after the death of Bashar al-Assad’s key security aides. (NY Times)Why yes, I think this is the perfect spot to read the news.

Russian and China aren’t helping either, both vetoing a U.N. Security Council resolution designed to “put pressure on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and halt the violence in a 16-month conflict.” (Huffington Post)

Ben Bernanke, the chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, is calling the LIBOR system flawed. While I completely agree, the kettle seems to be forgetting the pot is black. (Al Jazeera)

Solar storms! Well, from yesterday, but you probably didn’t notice anyway. (Al Jazeera)

This summer is hot. It’s so hot that a big ol’ iceberg broke off of Greenland. Oh dear. (BBC)

Ah yes, the interview bullshit heard round the world. World class acts George Zimmerman and Sean Hannity teamed up for an interview that’s bound to make anyone lose their lunch. In the interview, Zimmerman states that Trayvon Martin’s death “was all God’s plan.” No. (BBC)

Depressing? Heart-wrenching? A kick in your pants? Yeah, I’m feeling pretty down. But! That wraps us up for another news round up of the seriously scary world we live in. So even in all this mayhem, remember kittens, when the news looks frightening and insults your intelligence, life is precious, and while you have to fight the good fight, you also have to love yourself and others, because progress is a long, hard battle. Be good, my sweet kittens, be good.

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