News Appetizers: Are You Drunk?

Greetings cats and kittens, welcome, and how do you do with this return? We are back for another round of the weekly news, where the real shit is upon us, and upon us, the shit gets real. So strap on your Mickey Mouse ears and stock up on your favorite summer beverage, we are going to look into the abyss, yet again, hopefully with our beer goggles strapped on tight.

This seems familiar…

Oh what’s this? Apparently both the Democratic and Republican parties are doing things that erode people’s faith in them? Huh. (NY Times)

Thomas Lubanga, a convicted war criminal and one of the main leaders in enlisting child soldiers for the DRC, will only be spending eight years of a fourteen year sentence, for his involvement in genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, as mandated by The International Criminal Court. That’s less than prisoners at Gitmo who haven’t even been convicted. (Al Jazeera)

Wall Street has been fiddling with interest rates for decades? The LIBOR rate has been being manipulated for years? Uh. Yea. (Huffington Post)

Did anyone ever stop to think that the job situation is so bad in the US because it makes money for folks? Imara Jones does. (Colorlines)

A 755ft (230m) tunnel used to smuggle drugs has been discovered running under the border between Mexico and the United States. The tunnel contains electricity, ventilation, a wet bar, a movie theater, and a pony for everyone. (BBC)

Did your cool beverage make everything go down? Or do you tremble with fear, as your ice trembles around whatever liquor graces your cup, at the prospect of this muddly-ass world we live in? Either way, we hope that even with the worst of the news, you can spot the silver lining on the lip of your drink cup and know that even when things seem so very bad, or that drink seems so very long gone, there can always be more. Yes, there can always be more. So until next time, you beautiful cats and kittens, we bid you adieu.

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It infuriates me to no end that many people in the GOP would rather watch the U.S. crash and burn than let Obama’s government do anything to fix the situation, because they know that people unhappy with the regime would be more likely to vote in Republicans.

A country cannot function like this. And, quite frankly, it’s not functioning.

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