News in Haiku Say Yoo-hoo!

Penn State, passwords, banks
Everyone’s doing something
Read it in haiku

Penn State had a Creepy Culture

Abuse inquiry
Faults Paterno and others
For what went down there

Not Your Grandma’s Ivory Jewelry

These were not antique
But ivory from poachers
$2 million were seized

Change Your Passwords. Again.

Latest password breach
Comes from Yahoo. Do people
Still have Yahoo things?


Relevant to you
Can tumblr sell ads without
Selling us all out?

Some News Just Sucks

Scores killed in massive
Nigeria tanker blaze
At least 100
Al Jazeera

More Proof That Racism is Rampant

Bank discriminates
Now Wells Fargo must pay up
Millions of dollars

Mitt Courts the African-American Vote, Flails

Mittens gave a speech
Reactions priceless


Olympic team’s clothes
Were made in China. It’s a
small world after all.

By [E] Sally Lawton

My food groups are cheese, bacon, and hot tea. I like studying cities and playing with my cat, Buffy.

3 replies on “News in Haiku Say Yoo-hoo!”

The Penn State thing is ghastly. The entire organization’s utter disregard for victims, the lack of basic human decency and moral backbone, the “Let’s just cover for the creep to save our reputation!” (because who could foresee that tactic backfiring, ever?) – seriously? What is wrong with people?!

It does kind of explain Sandusky’s confidence in getting away with it. He seems to have taken people covering for him for granted, and why wouldn’t he, clearly they were bound to either continue doing that or go down with him, once they’d started down that road.


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