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Persephone Lounge is Open for Business: Open Thread for 7/12/12

Thursday again? Man, this week kind of flew by. 

How’s your week been? Any terrible boss stories? Hilarious pet stories? Improbably horrible dating stories? Bring it.

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I’m now finally getting around to watching the newer Dr. Whos, and I’m having so much trouble warming up to Matt Smith as the newest Doctor.  I don’t mind Amy…but  I’m reluctant to accept Matt Smith as the Doctor so far.  I think it’s because I LOVED David Tennant, and I keep thinking “That’s not how the Doctor would do it!”

Anyone agree/disagree?


That may be part of it – I feel like Tennant played the character with so much heart, wit, and sheer ballsiness.  I mean, I’m a huge dork, but I get goosebumps at “Allons-y!”

I’ve only seen three episodes so far with Smith, and he seems a lot more reserved.  But maybe, as you say, that’s more directorial?  I definitely feel like the writing and directing in the newer episodes is REALLY different from the older episodes.  However, I also don’t like change, so I might just be being a baby about it.




It took me quite a long time before I realized Matt Smith is a pretty okay actor, but he just can’t work through the stupid plots and come out the victor.

Ten is my Doctor, Ten made me sob like a baby and quit Doctor Who for six months  when he left.

I’m on the other side of the fence I think. I adore Matt Smith specifically because he reminds me of the older Doctors, particularly Two. I loved Ten when he was at his manic best, but I was less thrilled with him in the more serious episodes. That said I can get a little, “You kids get off my lawn!” about New Who, so I try to stay fairly level about my opinions on the actors. Because otherwise I turn into this person. And nobody wants that. Really.

(also I’m in a minority group that thinks Matt Smith is more attractive)

I had a messy dream involving a monocular that allowed you to see about 5 years into the future. The catch was, it only seemed to work properly in one particular room of Mom’s country house, outside of it it only showed darkness with confusing flashes of scary faces. It was weird, my dad had lost a huge amount of weight and gone completely grey. Future me looked fine though, and the house looked nicer than it does now.

I’ve developed a deep-seated, nagging anxiety about the future lately, a lot of my dreams address that in some way.


Yeah, possibly with a “what the hell has happened in between and how to fix it?” theme? Someone who can see into the future as it rolls out in one room of their house. I should think about it.

I get good material from my dreams every once in a while, but it usually involves not just promising situations but characters. So having the cast as “me and my family members” this time wasn’t very inspiring.

[debbie downer]

I really don’t understand why pretty much every single one of my friends is so bad in this thing called communication. How can you not reply for two weeks on a text? Why am I always the one who has to run after people to organize things and make them happen? I’d love to have someone around who is the enthusiastic/bordering on desperate puppy sometimes because right now it just makes me feel so neglected and I hate it.

[/debbie downer]

From someone that’s totally a crappy friend in that way, I’m so sorry!  I love to do stuff/hang out, but I’m typically a homebody…so, if I have free time, I just think “oh cool, I can hang out at home and do that project/watch that movie/read that book”.   If friends invite me out, I’m stoked, but I never reach out to make plans with people unprompted.  It’s a weird blind spot, I guess.  Maybe you could make a standing date with some of them, so you know you have regular plans and don’t have to set up a new thing every time you want to see them?

I’ll be your best friend. I come to this relationship with cookies and will bother you ALL THE TIME.

I feel you on this. I get very introverted, but there’s just some days when my need to socially interact explodes and it feels like nobody wants to hang out with me. But not responding for 2+ weeks to a simple text is just rude. Go on friend dates, and find friends who won’t make you wait that long to hear from you.


Re: terrible bosses – I teach at an after-school English academy in Korea, and my boss told us yesterday that we can’t use paper in the classroom anymore.  At all.  We can only use the (too-hard) textbook.  No handouts, presumably not even ones we made ourselves that are specially tailored practice for what’s in the textbook.  Buhhhh.  My boss has no teaching experience himself (big surprise) and this kind of fuckery is standard for this industry, but that doesn’t make it any more fun to deal with.  I’m looking forward to the weekend (which is only 4 hours away, because Korea time!).

Well, we were told it was because that’s what the students buy and we shouldn’t undermine or ignore it, but now, seeing your question, I’m wondering about the financial reasons as well.

Yay, I was hoping to tease another Persephoneer in Korea out of the wooodwork. =)

Yeah, it’s time to start using up the board markers, for sure.  Two days in, the kids seem to like the extra talking (/shouting), so I’m starting to relax again.

Yoo guise. I have been reading the comments. On other websites. For hours. I need to stop. I get sucked in because the articles are seemingly well balanced, but the community is full of raging assholes and privilege denying dudes (and a few dudettes). I’m going to look at some pictures of kittens before I go to bed. And I’m so glad I have P-mag. Everyone is so lovely around here.

On the plus side: I vacuumed today! I have more dishes to clean, but I didn’t do nothing. This is an Achievement for me. Let’s see if tomorrow is better.

I had two days off…IN A ROW!!! This is unheard of in retail. I kinda know how everyone that has weekends off feels. Today was back to work, and that started with a bang. To my head. I whacked it so hard on a shelf that I thought I was going to throw up. Nothing serious, just a good-sized goose egg on my noggin. I also had a very accomplished morning. You would be so proud, PoM. I cleaned out the fridge, did ALL of the dishes, and made some delicious mac&cheese, and washed my work clothes. I did it in segments, and took time in between to watch 48hours on Investigation Discovery. I’m such a sucker for true crime shows.

Getting really excited for the party I’m hosting on Sunday! It’s uh, it’s an orgy? Because I have a whole whack of really excellent sexy friends and our sex lives have all intersected in weird ways. So this is happening.

Ask me any questions about it, I’m pretty nervous but also intensely looking forward to it.

I have a million questions!  I’ll start with a couple:

1.  Is it organized as such, or is that just how you think it will turn out?

2.  Do people coming know what it is?

3.  If so, how the hell do you invite people to it?

4.  How many people?  Couples? Singles?

Tell me everything, I’m totally intrigued!

1. It is totally organized as such! I’m very lucky to be a bi girl in a group of friends with other bi girls, lesbians, and straight/fluid dudes. Lots of us have slept or played together previously and most recently I had a foursome with a couple (of whom the GF is also bi) and a friend who’s now identifying as mostly-lesbian. We were at a sex-positive mixer last month and I said “Why don’t friends have more orgies?” So I ran around and asked people who’d be interested, we set a date and now the event is called “Friends should have more orgies”.

2. Everyone attending knows what it is, but also knows that there are no expectations for what is done, with whom, when, in what order, or even at all. I’m setting up two play areas, a friend is bringing her big bag of kink toys, and there will be lots of talking about what people would like to get out of it and comfort levels and boundaries blah blah blah. I will be providing food and a few sleeping areas as well as a grab bowl of barriers because SAFE SEX.

3. Invite-only event on Facebook, whaaaaat. Only one attendee is not on FB and I’ve been emailing her updates as well as the rule-setting writeup I posted on the event. Only one person has declined the invite since it’s not her scene right now and we respect that.

4. I invited 10, 1 person was newly invited this week after another guest asked if she could come (but hasn’t responded), 1 said ‘no thanks’, so guest list is 9 right now. 4 guys, 5 girls (2 bi/3 lesbian). Out of that mixture, two couples (myself and my BF, couple from the foursome).

I can DM you the event writeup if you’re interested in seeing exactly how I’m envisioning the setup!

I’m gonna provide some wine and coolers and shiz because we’re all of legal age, but as the host I’ll be sober in case anything arises that demands immediate attention. None of my friends are really into drugs so I don’t expect any of that- some of us were straight-edge as teens, so not a big concern.

Consent is a HUGE thing that I know will be on everyone’s minds. Unless formally dictated and discussed, there will be no changing of what-is-consent rules- everyone needs to be clear about what is and isn’t okay for someone. For instance, my BF has stated that he’d prefer I not be penetrated by anyone but him that night. That’s not usually my rule but I’m respecting it.

If you were gonna be there and that was something you’d want to do- say no while sober but anticipate saying yes while under the influence, I’d need you to talk to the people you planned to play with while sober and make sure everyone understood. I’d also probably stipulate that a sober person be present to make sure you aren’t pushed too hard/at all. Not sure if this answers your question but this has been on my mind all week since I want this to be a safe and enjoyable event.

I’m slogging my way through Bones on Netflix. This is one of the most trope-tastic shows I’ve ever seen, but aside from the clunkiest use of exposition ever, it’s cute and inoffensive. Anyone else watch? All I really need is assurance that Angela and Hodgins stay cute.

I watched all of Bones on Netflix this winter and it for sure has its ups and downs. I think I’m less forgiving when I’m watching a season in a condensed period of time- I want it to work more like a movie, and it just doesn’t.

I will say I was disappointed in the last three episodes that are available on Netflix. And I really like the episodes where Booth and Bones went undercover. Always funny. And while Angela and Hodgkins have some ups and downs, for the most part, they stay cute. And her dad stays distant yet over protective. :)

I love that show because all of the women have active sex lives, open sex lives at various points, are never slut-shamed, and are open about enjoying sex. They are all smart and like science, even the non-sciencey one. They rarely if ever discuss “girly” subjects together, and they are for the most part in leadership positions.Which for a prime-time television show is all positively radical.

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