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Persephone Lounge is Open for Business: OT for 7/5/12

I promise, no jokes about the heat.

But come on in, grab a drink, and tell us about your week.

Here’s a little something awesome to watch:

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It’s going to be hot and sticky today. To many of you that isn’t unusual – but we bitterly resent climate change here in northern NH.

Also, I’m sick of crazy people running my state. We have one state representative who is claiming a link between attending kindergarten and turning to a life of crime. I write bimonthly op-eds for my local newspaper. This is the one in today’s paper – although I’m linking to my blog instead of the paper. My blog is more interesting. WARNING – I’m a pinko, with pinko viewpoints!

I don’t see a link? Also, I doubt facts or logic make any difference to that person, but it might be good if they learned that attending kindergarten is all the rage here in Europe, even compulsory in France, and I believe also in Japan. As in, that knowledge might keep them off our thoroughly delinquent shores.

I’m killing time at work until I can leave. My boss has been away all week and we have a summer Friday. I need a new job — the boredom factor in my current position is skyrocketing of late. I have one co-worker who comes over to my office at 9:05 sometimes (2 times during a 4-day week?!) asking about something she emailed me about the day before, which is obnoxious. Who bothers someone before they’ve had their coffee and expects positive results?

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