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Sort the Stars: Catherine Keener and Mary Steenburgen

This week’s star sorting comes courtesy of my brothers. Apparently, they both find these two lovely ladies hard to tell apart.  

Catherine Keener was born in in Florida in 1959. You know her from The 40-Year-Old Virgin,  and possibly Being John Malkovich and Capote. She also appears in Death to Smoochy, and Your Friends and Neighbors.


Mary Steenburgen was born in Arkansas in 1953. You know her as the mom in Stepbrothers, and Steve Martin’s wife in the late ’80s classic, Parenthood. Did you ever watch Joan of Arcadia? She was the mom in that show, too. While she’s done her share of films (including Elf), she’s also had a number of recurring roles in various television shows over the years, most recently including 30 Rock. She’s also appeared a few times on screen with her real-life husband, Ted Danson.

How do you tell these two brunettes apart? If you’re watching television, it’s Mary Steenburgen. If Ted Danson is involved in any way, it’s Mary Steenburgen. If the character is a friendly and outgoing mom, it’s Mary Steenburgen. If you’re watching a movie, and the actress looks familiar, but she’s not playing the role of mom, chances are it’s Catherine Keener.


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Oh Mary Steenburgen makes me happy. I could never tell them apart though until she came to give a speech at her alma mater (one we apparently share cause I got to meet her there). She’s super nice. And that’s my “I met a celebrity once” story. :P

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