Style: Floral is Back!

It’s been awhile. We had some moments in the past few years when it seemed like floral might return to us, but no! It was always just out of reach. And yet, here it is again, popping up in stores and making everything look delicious and adorable.

Saturday Chic by Karen Kane

I’m not sure I’d drop the money on this dress, but good heavens, it looks both comfy and beautiful. I love the design around the waist, as well. If you already have an hourglass shape, then VA-VA-VOOM. If you don’t, then this will help to give you one!

Pic of the Saturday Chic dress by Karen Kane
Image courtesy of

Chelsea Flat – Cream by Lower East Side

I have to confess. I own this pair of shoes. I saw it, gasped, and could not keep my hands from fumbling as I checked out. I love this playful print for flats and it looks amazing with a pair of Levi’s medium-dark jeggings, FYI.

pic of payless shoes' chelsea flat - cream
Image courtesy of Payless Shoe Source.

Safari Floral Scoop Neck Top by Michael Kors

This is one hell of a shirt. First of all, it would go well with any skin or body type, and it could be dressed up or down. It’s floral done right. It’s sweet but serious; playful but practical, and made for comfort. Love it!

pic of Safari floral scoop neck top by Michael Kors
Image courtesy of Zappos.

Happy Place Sideswipe Swimsuit by Miraclesuit

Where to start with this swimsuit. First of all, I love the colors, which are extraordinarily bright but seem almost subtle left to run just along the left of the suit. Against the black, it’s a wonderful contrast. I’m just, I’m really disappointed this doesn’t come in my size. Do yourselves a favor and click through this link so you can see the back of this swimsuit. It’s rare to find a swimsuit back with this design that emphasizes rather than tries to hide shape, at least among plus-size swimsuits. I love that the swimsuit makers want the wearer to feel beautiful, not ashamed of her shape.

pic of miraclesuit happy place sideswipe swimsuit
Image courtesy of Zappos.

Chelsea Flat – Blue by Payless Shoe Source

Yes, another one of these flats from Payless Shoe Source. But I have to say, don’t you dig this floral design? Five years ago, you’d be laughed off the street. Now, everyone will ask where you got those shoes because, rightly, the fashion world has decided to remember that floral prints kick ass.

Pic of Women's Chelsea Flat - Blue
Image courtesy of Payless Shoe Source.


Megan Coco Floral Print Top by Lucky Brand

Yes. Just, yes. All of this, please.

Pic of Megan Coco Floral Print Top
Image courtesy of Zappos.

Have you been observing this most incredible of floral trends, too? What’re some of your favorite floral styles?

By Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller is a twenty-something blogger, cook, freelance writer and editor living in Seattle, Washington. She’s a feminist trying ever-so-hard to embrace her spaces, conventional or not. She looks forward to numerous bad hair days, burnt cremes, a soapbox or two, and maybe (just maybe) a yellow polka-dot bikini in the years ahead.

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Those shoes are so adorable!!! And probably pretty cheap, since they’re Payless. I might have to make a stop at the one near my supermarket tomorrow. I love that, for lack of a better term, tea-cup floral is back in style. Tea-cup as in the floral patterns you’d find on your great-grandma’s tea set. Love love love it. It may have something to do with my obsession with all things tea and china related as a teenager.

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