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This Open Thread has Been Watching “Law & Order” All Day!

Greetings, and congratulations for making it to the mid-week point! 

I have to say that the last couple days have been lovely here at Casa de qSS. One of the perks of having a retail schedule is having a mid-week “weekend.” What exactly does that entail? Well, catching up on the regular stuff like laundry and grocery shopping (which, by the way, is awesome because the market is way less crowded at noon on a Tuesday than it is on Saturday). One of the other perks? Having the house to myself to watch as many Law & Order reruns as I want.

So, how is everyone holding up in this blistering heat? Park yourselves in front of the fan or A/C and dish about your days!

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Paralympics promo ad from the UK channel that will be showing it:

(sorry, embedding seems to be disabled)

Incidentally, it’s the same channel that brought you Misfits. 

Today I facilitated a psychotherapy process group, did some individual therapy, practiced leading guided meditation for a new group I’m starting, provided clinical supervision for a new therapist, helped someone who’s been homeless for over ten years review the lease for their new apartment, and spent an hour with someone who’s considering coming into rehab for their alcohol problem.

I love my job so much.  Now that I’m home I’m going to eat a brownie, watch Futurama, and go to bed.

Ugh. I can’t tell if this guy likes me, my friend, or neither of us and just thinks we’re amusing kiddies (he’s older. By a bunch.). I keep getting that awful punched-in-the-sternum-from-the-inside feeling when he asks after her or comments on her fb.

I’m just…so used to guys I’m into being into my friends. Usually, it happens with one in particular and lends to our relationship being more fucked up than it already is; but with this one, it hasn’t happened before and I love being around her. I don’t want it to turn out the way I’m worrying it will, because it’ll a) hurt b) make me feel shittier than usual and c) taint a relationship that’s otherwise so perfect; and I need it to stay that way. If he’s not into me, I can live with it; I don’t need a relationship. But I need this friendship, and I can’t have someone I hardly know spoiling it. Now, this is usually something I’d talk with her about if it concerned someone else, but it’s just all awkward. Which is why I’m bothering you all with it instead! (Yaaaay…!)






I’m so happy, I could puke.  I won’t, but I could.  Now the awesome awful part where I tell my current boss to shove it that I’m giving my four weeks notice.

oh, and find a place to live in a whole new city/state, and find a moving company to relocate all our crap, and help Mr Bells find a job, and find a preschool for Bells Jr., and . . . oh shit . . . i won’t be living in Idaho anymore . . . I’ll need to find a new avatar . . . so much to do, so few other people to do it for me.  But what a great problem to have!

This is a later team TARDIS. (My favorite team actually.) In the far back is the second Doctor, then Jamie McCrimmon, a Jacobite rebel, in the middle, and in the front is Zoe Heriot, a super smart librarian from a space station in the future (and by future we mean the year 2000). I think they are watching a volcano erupt. Zoe and the Doctor are all, “Look how cool this is!” Jamie it a smidgen more concerned about HOT LAVA headed straight for the TARDIS.

I LOVE grocery shopping mid-morning or early afternoon on a weekday. It’s one of the perks of working nights and weekends. :)

My work schedule sucks pretty bad this week though. I worked 16 hours Sunday night, was off Monday, worked 12 hours on last night, was off tonight, I will work 7am to 4pm tomorrow, will be off friday, will work 12 hours Saturday night then will teach a class Sunday afternoon.  My body is going to hate me so much at the end of it. Normally I work straight nights and group all of my days together.  This every other day crap and flip flopping to days and back is awful. But I have vacay next week so I will power through. :)

Landmark accomplishment for the day: I just ironed a shirt without burning myself! I admit the shirt doesn’t look all that great (I’m a novice ironer), but considering I’m going to be wearing it in an un-airconditioned chemical plant all day tomorrow, it’s not that big of a deal.


And I’m starting to worry about the drought more than the heat. Word around the office today was that nuclear power plants in our area are going to have to start shutting down if the drought continues for a few more weeks, due to lack of water to cool the reactors.

Yay for not burning yourself! That’s always a god thing. :) I have a nasty scar across my stomach from an ironing mishap. Never fun.

Hopefully the drought will end soon, but at least your employers are looking ahead and thinking about the area around the plants. I know it’ll stink to shut down for any time for the workers, but I know I’d be more relieved to know that the plant in my area were shut down to maintain safety than chance overheating.

So, ladies, I’m going back to work tomorrow! I’ve been on medical leave for six months but it’s time to go back. My employer decided to ‘celebrate’ my returning to work by giving all of my furniture away and moving me to a crappy corner and giving my office away! I’m so livid! They’re having an ice cream social to welcome me back. Breathtaking lack of cognitive dissonance. They also want to reorganize my job description by putting me in charge of the (dismal) morale problem we have. To which I responded, “Don’t treat your employees like this.” You could hear the crickets over the phone. Whee! So I’ve spent the last day or so prepping my resume, cover letters and preparing to enter back into the job hunting frey. That’s how I roll. Don’t mess with the elephant.

Thank you! I’m doing quite well. I’m officially in remission and all the cancer is gone. It’s been a long haul and I was about ready to softly transition back into work in a stress-free way. Silly me! I mentioned this to them and just got a blank stare. It’s really quite shocking and astounding to me that I would be treated like this. It’s not like I just took a tropical vacation and they didn’t know I’d be back. And even if I HAD gone on a tropical vacation I’d assume that my office and things would still be there when I returned. Apparently I need to check my assumptions at the door!

I don’t know what it says about me but I seem to have more ‘disdainful’ gifs than any other kind. But my collection is growing!

Maybe, just maybe part of the morale problem is caused by moving one’s office without notice?

And I understand being treated like medical leave is some kind of vacation. I was out for several weeks because I managed to mess up my ankle and you’d think I’d gone to Tahiti or something!

That thought had crossed my mind and I *have* mentioned the fact that they treat people like interchangeable parts as a key factor in the morale problem. They’re saying it’s an organizational decision and I pointed out that an organization is made up of people. No response, BTW, from the League. I feel like their application is strong this year. (please somebody get the reference!)

Today was a day of surprise for me. I went to check in at school today in order to get my next quarter’s assignments and course prep work (tedious errands and all) and was surprised with a free iPad. :D Free electronics always make me super happy!

I won it! They had this random lottery for it, which I entered on a whim. And Bam! Free iPad for ‘Ru. I doubt I’d have gotten it for smart. There so many freaking geniuses in this school sometimes I don’t know why they accepted me. And then I realize I have more personality than the lot of them and someone has to liven up the place. :P

This may be getting repetitive, but all this talk of “blistering heat” sounds like cruel taunts to my ears. I’ve worn sandals out for all of three days this summer! OTL And I regretted not having a scarf with me a couple of days ago.

In other news, since PMS makes me not only ravenous, but terribly melodramatic, I’m close to throwing myself at my one remaining functional-and-helpful coworker’s feet in teary gratitude. Thankfully, he doesn’t live in the same town as me.

Also, a minor Japanese band I like has been touring Europe since late June, and I’m enjoying their blogs. It’s fascinating to follow something that I will never get to experience myself (and 2 of them are quirky, entertaining writers). The huge variations in venue sizes (30 people one day, well over a 1000 the other), being treated like royalty one day (they’re hardly rock stars, I think they all have day jobs back in Tokyo), then sleeping in shitty hostels, 8 people in the same room the next night; the exhaustion (which has led to posts like “showered together with [drummer] just to get to bed faster, I guess we’re past caring at this point”), the sheer joy of getting to go to a laundrette, the culture shocks and excitement of sightseeing, the heartbreak of getting close to handlers assigned to them and then having to leave them behind, etc., etc. – it’s great.

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