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We Try It: Ulta Fabulous Face Foundation Primer

I like my makeup to have staying power. Don’t you? This is why I use a primer before I put on my foundation. But every primer is a little different. Usually I use Nyx HD Studio Photogenic Primer, which runs about $15, but lasts me about four to six months. However, when I was in need of some new primer, there was a sale at Ulta. Usually I’ve had really good luck with Ulta’s products, so I decided to give their Fabulous Face Foundation Primer a whirl. For $5, it was a good deal, I thought.

Tried: Ulta’s Fabulous Face Foundation Primer
The old standby: Nyx HD Photogenic Primer

While it’s a good primer, it has a different consistency from the Nyx primer I’ve grown to like. The Ulta primer has a gel-like consistency, whereas the Nyx is more like a lotion. You can definitely feel the Ulta primer on your face, like it’s another layer. With the Nyx, I’ve never run into this issue.

Aside from the feel of the primer, it does work to help keep makeup on. All in all, it really depends on how you want your skin to feel when it’s covered in layers of moisturizer, primer, foundation, powder, and blush. Since the Nyx has a lighter feel, I prefer it, but the Ulta works just as well. But for $5, it wasn’t exactly a waste, so I’ll be using it until it’s gone and then go back to the Nyx.

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