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Looks like I missed that Jormungand wasn’t a completed manga, which means that episode 12 was the last one. Although, I get two new shows this week: La Storia della Arcana Famiglia and Sword Art Online. Eureka Seven AO and Accel World continue through the summer as well. Both new shows are/will be available on Crunchyroll to view online with English subs.
Eureka Seven AO, Episode 12

So when the producer said that we were entering in the “real” plot, he wasn’t lying. We see Naru again, for a brief time. We are also introduced to the 3rd Generation Blue team: Team Harlequin. They spend all their time in space, are a bit nerdy and call their “chief” Mama “creepy.” We are also told once again that Ao can see trapars, which are 23 nanometres particles.

This time a Scub Coral showed up in space and Generation Blue have to stop the Secret from being destroyed. Otherwise, all the debris could cause a problem for the satellites. Ao has a bit of a breakdown when he realizes that he can’t see the “wind” (aka trapars). Although he adjusts well enough to finish his job and crash on the Scub.

The Scub Coral was partially destroyed by a Japanese military satellite with railguns under a Truth suggestion. Speaking of Truth, we learn a bit more about “him.” He’s the adopted son (or speculated adopted son) of a guy who wrote a “prophecy” and claimed the world was all wrong. He’s mentioned a few times in the episode, which mean it’s all true.

Although, it’s not hard to believe it’s true this episode because the Gecko and Eureka appears after Naru disappears through a Scub Coral. In other words, there’s probably an exchange between this world and another (or other) worlds each time a Scub Coral shows up.  Ao is an anomaly, or as they say it in the episode, an alien!

Accel World, Episode 13

Chiyu gets the game installed and you already know after one episode that it won’t end well. The school starts a new session and the trio all get in the same class. Black Snow also leaves for a few days with the other senior students. You know that means that trouble is brewing.

It this a plan, a scarecrow or Chiyu?
Lime Bell. Is this a plant, a scarecrow or Chiyu?

Also, there’s a new student at the school who also has the game installed, but they don’t show up on the avatar list. He also seems to be evil (it’s the smile really), so it’s not hard to know what will happen in the next few episodes. He’s going to cause trouble while Black Lotus is away.

Chiyu seems to be a real fanatic when she’s playing, too. She loves hitting things (Haru), gaining points, and despite what she claims, I suspect she will dump Haru and Taku to get better real soon. I never trusted her anyhow. Also, her avatar has high defense (green color, duh) and can heal (although it’s more like rewinding time than healing). The reason for her power is simple though: she wants to go back to how it was. Haru wants to fly and be a shining Knight. I really wonder why Snow Black looks like Black Lotus though, with blades everywhere?

La Storia della Arcana Famiglia, Episode 1

A new entry for this week, which starts the beginning of the summer season. Despite the Italian name, this anime is from Japan. It is also a reverse harem, which means that I will probably not watch it all the way through. It was also a bit too formulaic for a first episode. It introduced all the main characters, their powers and the main plot. It wasn’t a bad episode, but I’m not sure if I will find it interesting enough after a few episodes. We will see. The main reason why it might not be interesting is because the story is about winning duels to marry the daughter of the “Papà” of the Famiglia. It’s to be noted that the daughter can also participate and that her power allows you to see what is in someone else’s heart.

Sword Art Online, Episode 1
The other new entry for the Summer Season. The story is from the same author as Accel World (the graphic novels) and apparently this is a better story than Accel World.

The game online GM
The game only GM

I can see why. OMG! Megalomaniac online game programmers should be exterminated right now, otherwise this game might give them ideas. Basically Sword Art Online is a MMORPG in a virtual world. You have to wear something called NerveGear to play the game.

The small catches are that:

  • You can’t log out.
  • Removing the NerveGear kills the player in real life.
  • Dying in the game also kills you in real life.
  • The only way to survive is to clear the game. As in clear all 100 levels of the game.

It’s a Diablo clone on crack and without magic, only swords… and a crazy Gamemaster.

The first episode didn’t have more than this though. It was mostly presenting the main protagonist, Kirito, and the game’s basic rules. Now though, Kirito is a beta player so he knows at least the first 7 levels of the game. The animation was really good, this being a Sunrise show, it might not last though.

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