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The one image review! Eureka Seven AO brings lots of nostalgia to the viewers who saw the first series. Accel World is a bit too wordy for me this week and Sword Online really picks up its pace. I’m also considering dropping La Storia della Arcana Famiglia.

Eureka Seven AO, Episode 13

You know, this was the best episode so far in this series. See, the Eureka here is pregnant with baby Ao. She’s from the future (from another reality or not, this isn’t exactly specified). We also know why the Nirvash Ao is pilot doesn’t look the same, it’s a new Nirvash that Renton built.

So, Secrets aren’t the enemies. Truth is a Secret, just a really strange one. It’s also the Secret that showed up close to Okinawa ten years ago. Elena is also having weird monologues; by this, I mean quoting something out of Aquarion (another anime with a crazy plot). Not sure what will happen  with her. She seemed distraught by Eureka’s appearance… and I’m starting to think that she has links to Anemone from the first season.

This also means that everything that is happening here is kind of in the past… or at least the past of another reality. At the end of the first season, the Scub Coral migrated elsewhere, but it seems that they went backward in time and maybe into another reality. Also, Generation Blue was born because Eureka thought how to remove the Quartz. That also caused people to have IFO, because the first one was the Nirvash left behind by Eureka.

Also, temporal paradox!

Accel World ep 14

Warning: fanservice overload… of the “for men” variety.

This episode was a bit too slow for my taste as well. Haru, Taku, and Chiyu try to find out if Nomi is a Burst Linker or not.  This results in Haru seeing Chiyu naked. I’m not hiding it, I rolled my eyes at that scene.

The result is that, yes, he is (no surprise), but we also found out more about his personality, and I kind of want to trash his pretty face really hard now. The guy is not only a jerk, but he blackmailed both Haru and Chiyu and used undertones that sounded a lot like “I will rape” Chiyu one day. He’s technically 12 years old. Although, depending how long he has been playing the game, he is probably mentally older than that.

Also we got a new opening and ending song and animation. I personally preferred the first opening, but the animation is much better. It also feels a bit “Power Ranger” with the display of the game avatars and “real life” look.

La Storia della Arcana Famiglia, Episode 2

Ok, I don’t think this show is for me. You know, with a magical family responsible of protecting a whole  island, I though that it would have nice action and enemies to fight. But, no, this episode was all about finding the owner of a cat.

A cat.


Sword Art Online, Episode 2

We are only to Episode 2 and we already have a Raid Boss episode!

Raid Boss
1st floor raid boss, he’s ugly enough.

You know, I’m starting to see why this novel is interesting. It’s like if you where playing a MMORPG, but that you don’t have to do all the crappy grinding to get levels. You go directly to the awesome parts and the loots (nice coat). You also get all the online drama, without having to live through it.

So after one month in the game, 2000 died and nobody cleared the first floor yet. Cheer for games with permadeath! Some people found the boss lair, though, and a raid group is formed to take it down. We get adds, rage timer and the super awesome “beta was different!” panic moment. You know what is funny, in real life MMOs, it takes a couple of hours to learn the boss scripts, with multiple death. Sometimes this include reading the howto online as well. I remember taking over five hours once (playing as the tank, I love dying in video games). But in this game, they go based on just a little write-up by beta players… and almost fail. They would have if it wasn’t for the fact that monsters’ animations and skills are linked to their weapons. Design oversight, I guess.

I also saw a lot of “me” in this episode. See, I’m pretty much Asuna. The female protagonist I suspect, considering how much we see her in the opening sequence. I’m pretty sure that Asuna is a boy’s name, too. The only difference is that I’m not so much of a newbie when I play games… but I’m pretty much just as shy with “others” that I don’t know. Also, I just realize that with all the players assuming their real look, women probably have a really hard time in that game. I expect to see a “go cooking” episode now as well.

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