Weekly Anime Review

I dropped the Italian-named anime this week. I’m down to Eureka Seven with another awesome episode and Accel World, with a good episode, despite me finding the protagonist a bit too emo. I also kept up with Sword Art Online, which has a good episode, too, in the psychological sense. All the fights are behind the scene this week, and I’m starting to wonder if this will be more an exploration of human nature and not really about the “game.”

Eureka Seven AO ep 14

Last episode I was wrong. Eureka isn’t pregnant with Ao, she’s awaiting a girl. So I will have to change my “Who is Elena” guess once more. She’s probably Ao’s older sister. Also, awesome episode! This show got really better once they dropped the “introduction” formula. Now, they just need to drop the monster of the week stuff. It feels out of place with the rest of the drama.

Nirvash says hello to Nirvash
Nirvash says hello to Nirvash

Also, the Japanese Intelligence dude who made a deal with Truth just decided to side with the Secrets and brand Ao as an enemy (along with GenerationBlue). We also have Naru back, and she seems to have sided with Truth, as well, despite knowing what Scub Coral are and having one inside of her. She also doesn’t seems to like Eureka when she showed up to help Ao. Although, she did say something strange. She said that Ao was destroying Scub Coral… but he only blows up Secrets.

I guess Secrets are probably Scub Coral that showed up at an earlier time and became that Earth’s defense system, that’s why they are fighting against the new Scub Coral that are showing up. Or something like that.

Accel World ep 15

The first half was really sad, in the “they are so pathetic” way. See, Haru lost his wing, and he’s back to Episode 1 acting like he’s nothing. Really, dude, grow up, you’re more than an ability in a virtual world. Right now, Taku seems to be the most level-headed out of the three childhoods friends. He’s also so a knight in shining armor here. I’m starting to like him.

Crying like they’re 12 years old; wait, they are 12 years old!

The second half was awesome, though, but that’s because bro Ash Roller uses broken English and his motorcycle is awesome. Was kind of funny to have Haru say, “I don’t understand anything you are saying!” while rolling on a wall at super high speed. Ash Roller took pity on Haru and he took him to see his guardian, who, before Haru, was the Burst Linker closest to flying: Sky Raker. I know a few spoilers about that character, but I suspect we will learn all of them next episode.

Also, I hate Noumi more and more. I hope he has a proper ending.

Sword Art Online ep 3

So, Kirito lies about his level to people and joins a guild. Also, a guild is formed by the school PC researchers. A guild of nerds! Watch out, Kirito! This episode has the team go from the level 20 to the level 28 floor. Things are going faster or they’ve already spent three years in the game? Well, more like two years. The episode ends in December 25th, 2023 and starts in 2022. Seems like there’s a newspaper system in the game, too. Kind of cool when you think about it. We also get to meet Klein again, the newbie from Episode 1. He seems to be doing alright with his guild.

Also, double suicide suggestion happens here. Well, poor girl (called Sashi), playing MMO probably wasn’t her thing in the first place. But she’s too much of a coward to attempt it. She’s afraid of dying. I’m not going to say what happens here, but it’s not in the happy category.

Also, the episode is a bit confusing. It’s like on fast forward and you miss pieces and bits of what is going on. All the fights are behind the scenes except for a few things, and there’s a lot of talking about death and fear. It receives a bonus for that ugly Saint Nicolas boss and we learn of the existence of a revival item, but you can only use it 10 seconds after somebody dies. I’m betting that Klein is going to use it one day on Kirito…

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