Weekly Anime Review

This was a slow week. All three of the animes I watch had verbose episodes and not much action. I guess Eureka Seven had the best one, probably because the talking was referencing things that happened in earlier episodes. Accel World was all about “training” and SAO focused more on random side stories.
Eureka Seven AO, ep 15
This week episode was slower than last week’s, but it did manage to end on a cliffhanger. And it was a nasty one at that because there won’t be any episodes for the next two weeks because of the Olympics. *sad face*

So this week, we continue with the news that Secrets are not the enemies. The Japanese created a program to translate what the Secrets are saying and Generation Blue, in actuality team Gazelle, hack it with Georg (the AI of GB). We learn that the Secrets are anti-bodies for the world… and they have no idea who or what build them. Their answer to that question is “the natural order.” They sound almost like the Reapers in Mass Effect, now that I think of it.

Also, throughout the episode, Ao had sleeping problems. More strange dreams and, of course, his mother’s word to him. He got shut down by the “new” Secret model as well with homing lasers. I’m not sure exactly how this works. They all look the same now and it’s the same shape that Truth seems to be “hiding.” Not sure what this is about though. Maybe they are trying to replace humanity or something?

We also learn why GB was hording all that Quartz this episode. Seems like they preemptively expected what happened this episode. Which probably means that Fleur’s dad, Blanc, knows something that the others don’t.

Accel World, ep 16
So Haru learns about the Power of the Mind this episode. Not much happened besides the typical Spartan training episode.

Haru's mind power
Haru’s mind power

We learn a few things about Sky Raker. Like the fact that she’s a former member of Nega Nebulous, Black Lotus’s legion. She’s also level 8 and had her leg and best weapon chopped off so she could concentrate on learning to fly. She also wears prosthetic legs in real life. She also gave a gift to Haru: her leg boosters that allow her to fly. I wonder if he’s going to keep them once he get his wings back.

The ironic part is that Haru spends the whole episode saying he want his wings back, but the thing he seems to have gained is a new attack.

Sword Art Onlinem, ep 4
What kind of people call their kid Silica? But she has a cute little pet and apparently others love to have her in their party to “parade” her like a mascot.

Cute pet
This is apparently a dragon

Finally, one of my question have been answered. There is Player vs. Player in SAO. Although. Here it means that there are real murders according to the game “rules.”

It was not that good of an episode. Love struck characters always annoy me when they were too obvious. And Silica here is a bit too much for my taste. We do get to learn a bit more about Kirito though, he has a cousin that is like a sister to him. He’s also level 78, with 14,500 HP and auto regenerate 600 HP every 10 seconds. Powergamer!

In researching this episode, I discovered that this might actually be a side story. If I understand correctly, some of the episodes are based on the second volume which is a side-story compilation. This probably explain the jumping around and small disconnect between the last few episodes.

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