2012 Olympics: Medal Counts

So my kids and I are keeping a small medals count on the wall. We chose seven countries: no way was I keeping a hand count of 204 countries. Some were chosen because of special meanings to us, others were chosen because they typically score high. Here is what we have as of Monday night:

There have been a couple of surprises on the medal front. Alexander Vinokourov beat Great Britian’s Tour de France winner to win the gold in cycling for Kazakhstan. While his country has won medals in the past for varied sports, he shocked many by beating Great Britain’s team. Kazakhstan sent 115 athletes and now have one medal for the 2012 games.I am glad to see Germany has earned a medal. For two days their column was blank. I am very surprised at South Korea. For such a small country they are doing really well.

Alexander Vinokourov wins a gold medal for Kazakhstan

Eva Csernoviczki from Hungary earned a bronze medal, defeating the much favored Chinese and Japanese competitors in Women’s Judo. This victory was after being strangled in a match with Charline van Snick of Belgium to the point of unconsciousness.

Eva Csernoviczki won bronze

Andrija Zlatic won the first shooting medal for Serbia by taking the bronze.

Great Britain’s men’s gymnastics team won the first team medal for their country for the first time in 100 years. They were awarded the silver, due to a judging error on the Japanese team. After an inquiry and re-totaling, Great Britain was awarded the bronze and Japan the silver, bumping the Ukrainian team off the podium. Apparently this was the first time a recalculation changed medal winners.

As for beach volleyball, I think the women are glad for the sleeved shirts. A 50 degree London evening is cold! Most teams that I watched were wearing the long sleeve shirt with bikini bottoms. At one point they were even wearing pants! Hey, it hasn’t slowed Misty May or Kerri Walsh down at all. Though some of those matches were a nail biter for me.

Look ma, they have sleeves!









Another thing that I have been watching are the pool times.  The super suits were banned and fears were that times would be slower in the pool.  I even heard records set in Beijing were set in the “suit era.” Records have been broken this year! It doesn’t seem that times have been slowed down.  Another thing I have noticed about the swimming is that everyone’s suits look the same.  It feels that field has an equal advantage. Guys have long shorts and the women have suits that are sleeveless with long shorts.

The women’s long suits this Olympics

The men’s long shorts suit

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