An Interview with Lucy Woodhull and Book Giveaway

Did you know that one of our own has published a book? Not only that, she’s published a sequel to that book! Lucy Woodhull, a.k.a Miss Worded, is the author of Ragnar and Juliet and she’s here today to talk to us about writing, feminism and sexy aliens. 

Persephone Magazine: Hi Lucy, this must be an exciting day for you!

Lucy Woodhull: Thank you so much, Sara, for having me here. My book, Ragnar and Juliet 2: Concubine Boogaloo (the sequel to Ragnar and Juliet) had just released and I can’t imagine a better place to kick off the festivities than Persephone! I’m gonna be giving away some books, so read on for a chance to win!

If you’re wondering what the hell a “Ragnar” is and what that has to do with a chick named Juliet, Ragnar and Juliet is a romantic comedy book series full of sci-fi awesomeness. If you like bounty-hunting floozies with big mouths; hot alien men with tails (it’s sexy, trust me); cockblocking sidekicks; exciting space battles (with explosions and stuff!); sexy, hot, throbbing sex that is sexy; bad guys in gold lamé; hair pins that save the day; and did I mention smexy turgid sexin’? – then you might enjoy my books. FYI, my books are e-books, which means they are digital only and fit easily on your e-reader, iPad, or computer banks.

Now, on to my deep, insightful interview answers!

PM: What is the biggest difference between writing a book and writing for a blog?

LW: A book is much longer. The two Ragnar and Juliets are about 68K words all together. But the principle is vaguely the same if you think in terms of scenes. Scenes and blogs should have a beginning, middle, and end, with an overarching goal in mind. Of course, novels have a through line for character development and plot from one scene to the next, so it’s a blog, but on steroids. Blogs are opinion or perhaps news based; novels are fiction. I think fiction is harder because it tends to have many more layers and simply takes so much butt-in-chair action to accomplish, but it all depends on the day, you know?

PM: Which do you enjoy more?

LH: My first love is fiction. It kinda has to be, or else I’m getting numb butt for nothing! (Numb butt occurs when you spend three or more hours in the same place writing, writing, writing and giggling to yourself over it, and your spouse comes home and says, “Please tell me you’ve moved at least once since I left!” And then you have to lie and say “yes.”)

PM: How much fun is it to write sex scenes?

LW: UGH – sex scenes! They are the hardest, both literally and figuratively (heh heh). I find that when I get to a sexy scene, I dread it. There are arms and hands and various parts (waggles eyebrows) to keep track of and then there’s the emotional connection that needs to happen and it can’t be repetitive within itself or within the whole book. They are, without question, the most difficult to write. At least for me. If there’s a romance author who spouts them easily, we should give her (or him) some sort of award!

That being said, once I warm up – it’s fun. It’s sex! What’s not to love? I want my characters to have a good time; they deserve it after all the crap I put them through.

PM: Is it harder to write sexy sex for an established couple, when you don’t have the “thrill of discovery” element to play with?

LW: Ah, but I think good sex has the thrill of discovery every time, to a certain extent. We aren’t robots for whom you press a button and orgasms come out. (Although wouldn’t that be nice once in a while? I guess that’s what vibrators are for!) Every day we’re different people with different needs and emotions. Sometimes we hurt and sometimes we ache on the inside. The beauty of established couples is that they know each other and can sense the everyday changes in a way that a stranger never could. So while there’s a fantastic hotness in the first time with a fabulous new person, the same-old, same-old isn’t really that way – not if you’re paying attention and want your partner to feel amazing.

PM: Juliet seems to be a feminist, but she relies on her cleavage to get the job done most of the time. How do those things go together in your mind?

LW: I think Juliet uses her boobs (and they are practically their own character”¦ characters) to help her get the job done, but her courage and never-say-die attitude are what win the day. Mammaries in and of themselves never took down an evil dictator – they can’t fire a gun for shit!

For me, Feminism is not about telling any woman that she’s not allowed to flash a little cleavage if she wants to. It’s not about telling any woman that she must cover it all up in order to be taken seriously. One thing I love about Juliet and that I’m proud of is that she gleefully calls herself a tramp. That’s a bit rare in romance, actually. She dresses “trashy” and shops at Sluts “˜R’ Us. She never met a hemline that couldn’t be higher by a few inches, and by the way, where are the scissors?

Does that mean we should tear up her Feminist ID Card? Is there a uniform for Feminists? I think saying that a woman isn’t allowed to use her own sex appeal to her advantage is actually a note in the Misogyny Play Book, which says that “good” girls don’t do that. Fuck that. In the Lucy Woodhull book of Feminism, we strive for true equality, and that includes the ability to run around in a see-through, plastic dress if we want to without any woman, or man, saying we’re bad people for it. (Although that would be quite sweaty, I imagine.) I may not think the dress is fashion-forward, but after thousands of years of women being told what to wear, what not to wear; what to say, what not to say; what to do, what not to do (and all of those things often being conflicting in and of themselves), I am not going to tell you not to wear any damn thing you want. If freedom is the goal, then it’s the whole goal, whether you wish I’d put my boobs away or keep “˜em flying free.

PM: Was Ragnar inspired by anyone in particular?

LW: My husband is the inspiration for all my heroes, honestly. He’s funny, kind, respectful, sexy, and saucy as all get out. What I really wanted for Ragnar was for him to be a wonderful foil for Juliet – that’s why he’s so warm and open and smiley, whereas Juliet tends to be wary and keep things close to the vest. He’s her Mary Sunshine, and she doesn’t quite know what to do with such a great guy when she meets him. “Trust” is not first on her list of life skills. I wanted to a bit of gender role flipping – he’s kinda her manic pixie dream alien!

PM: What can you tell us about book 2? Has Juliet learned to speak “Eep” yet?

LW: In the first RAGNAR AND JULIET, Juliet bounty-hunts Ragnar, figures out he’s wonderful and doesn’t deserve to be delivered to King William the Nefarious (who has a penchant for torture and gold lamé), and ends up with a boyfriend, but also an evil monarch who is now hunting the both of them. Whoops.

In the sequel, Juliet sets out to overthrow William as king of New Los Angeles; he keeps hundreds of concubines as sex slaves, drugged against their will to stay in his palace – hence the “Concubine Boogaloo” in the title. But Juliet’s hiding a secret from Ragnar, and must fight for freedom, justice, and to win her man back at the same time. Can she and her gravity-defying corsets do it? You’ll have to read to find out!

Oh, and Pippy (Ragnar’s first mate, who is a Gallod, an alien race whose speech sounds to Human ears like a series of “eep”s) does make pains to see that Juliet starts to learn his language. “Eep eep eep, eep eep eep Gallod eep,” you know.

Here’s a blurb for books one and two:


Bounty hunting is usually so easy. Flash a little cleavage, mix a roofie cocktail, and Juliet has her man right where she wants him: out cold, ready to be swapped for cash. Her passions are freedom, trashy clothes, and pie–not necessarily in that order.

Hunky alien ship captain Ragnar doesn’t deserve torture at the hands of the psychotic king who hired Juliet; he liberated one of William the Nefarious’ illegal concubines. Juliet can’t ignore such a noble act. She doesn’t trust men, but this one, with the kindest smile she’s ever seen, picks away at her resolve to stay aloof and clothed. He’s just so”¦nice! Crazy she can deal with; sincerity is terrifying.

Before she gives in to her irrational urge to get a timeshare with him (and his cute tail), they’re caught by the bad guys. Ragnar disappears and abandons her to her disgusting captors–so much for togetherness. Perhaps he’s not such a saint. Even worse, Nefarious William (who prefers “Bob”) has nominated her for Concubine of the Evening. This dubious honor does not thrill her, and only a few hours remain before the king’s mind-altering drugs obliterate her free will.

Sexual slavery might not be fatal, but Juliet would rather die. Of course, the third option (run away to a beach and hump Ragnar silly) is the best, if they can live that long.



Sometimes the biggest risk a lady can take is not battling an evil planetary emperor with questionable taste in muttonchops, but baring her heart to the alien she loves. And his tail.

If you’re a bounty-hunting floozy with a stellar rack, what do you do when an evil despot is hell-bent on your destruction?

Stage a coup of his planet, of course.

Juliet Lawrence’s plans for defeating King Bob the Nefarious are going better than her relationship with hunky alien ship captain, Ragnar Manscape. Oh, the sex is great. His pecs and their laughs are top notch. The meeting with his parents goes “¦ somewhat worse. It’s always a bad sign when your boyfriend’s folks choose the family spider over you.

The secret Juliet’s been keeping from Ragnar doesn’t help–uncomfortable conversations about “feelings” are not her forte. Fortunately, Juliet has lots of time to plot the downfall of King Bob’s intergalactic concubine slave trade once Ragnar unceremoniously dumps her.

Can Juliet defeat King Assface with the help of her computer genius ex-boyfriend Erit, their flying toilet, and her brand new nun habit? Will Ragnar leave Juliet to the space wolves or go along with her crazy plan to topple a government using hair pins? And can Juliet really have it all while maintaining bouncy, manageable hair? Find out in RAGNAR AND JULIET 2: CONCUBINE BOOGALOO, the sequel to RAGNAR AND JULIET, the book Just Erotic Romance Reviews called “”¦ delightful! This book definitely goes in my re-read stack to keep me warm this winter!”

* * *

Leave a comment for a chance to win not just CONCUBINE BOOGALOO, but the first RAGNAR AND JULIET, too! If you’ve already read R&J1 (thank you!), then I’m happy to send the first e-book to the winner’s friend of choice. I’ll be around today, so if you have any questions, leave them in the comments!  I’ll pick a winner at the end of the day on Thursday, so check back for updates.

Thank you, Sara and Persephone!

Lucy Woodhull – Website * Goodreads * Twitter

RAGNAR AND JULIET: Liquid Silver Books, Amazon, Barnes and Noble,

CONCUBINE BOOGALOO: Liquid Silver Books, Amazon,

If you’re not sure how to read an eBook, check out the helper page I added to my site, eBooks/eSchmooks.  If you’re a Nook reader, “Concubine” isn’t out at the B&N site yet, so check out that eBooks link to learn the format you can choose at that’s appropriate for the Nook.


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