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An Open Thread for a Long Weekend

We’re taking Monday off, it’s Labor Day here in the U.S. and in Canada. 

While we’re away, please make yourself at home in this open thread!

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

Selena MacIntosh is the owner and editor of Persephone Magazine. She also fixes it when it breaks. She is fueled by Diet Coke, coffee with a lot of cream in it, and cat hair.

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Does anyone have a small/medium green zip up jacket or blazer that I could borrow/buy(for very little $$, I’ll pay for shipping too)/trade/have? I’m thinking that I’m going to be Daria for Halloween but the ‘real’ costumes are $50 and look like poo so I’m trying to find my own Daria-wear!

For those not in the know (which is…probably no one here…) the outfit looks like this:

I have a UFYH/housecleaning related dilemma (since apparently this weekend has become apartment-improvement hour with wannabemusicologist). I live in a basement suite in Toronto where it gets humid in the summer. While I was away my landlords fairly regularly emptied the dehumidifier in my suite. BUT there was a torrential rainstorm about a week ago and this particular summer was a humid one. I have returned to my little suite, and it doesn`t look like there has been water in the apartment (thank goodness!) – there are no watermarks and my particle board ikea furniture is all still in good shape. BUT,  an area rug in a lower part of the apartment stinks like death/mildew. It is right near the dehumidifer so maybe there was some leakage? or maybe my landlords didn’t turn on the dehumidifer for a few days and the whole basement floor-sweat thing happened. Anyways, thus far I have tried baking soda and arm and hammer carpet cleaner (baking soda mixed with oxygen cleaner) but it still smells like a stinky shoe/sweaty sock. My Mom suggested sticking the rug out in the sun…. but at what point should I just throw in the towel (or rug) and make a trip to ikea for a new rug? Uggggh. Please lay all your rug-related knowledge on me. :-)

I had the fanciest dinner of my life this weekend (with the fanciest price tag!), and oh man it was foodie heaven. I have spent years reading/watching shows about tasting menus with wine pairings and minuscule portions, and now I have eaten one! Aaaah I did not know food could be that good. Now I need to restrain myself from spending all my money on fancy dinners.


Also, using a Biore pore strip = realizing how often I flare my nostrils.



This was the longest weekend ever. Our store was busier than it’s been since i don’t even remember. I also just realized that since I’m going in for a few hours on my first day off this week, I’m not actually off until Friday.  But we have super-important people coming and hopefully my merchandising skills and dazzling personality will impress them.


Totally scared about having a caseload and running support groups for junior high students and aaghhhhh I hope I don’t muck it up!

Things I’m doing today: Cooking, cleaning, and putting together detailed plans for my first 3 weeks of tween-girl group counseling (it’s a 12 week program I’ve cobbled together) and brainstorming for my moral ed junior high book club, which won’t start for a while because I need recommendations from teachers on which kids could benefit from it.

So scurred.

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