Etsy Betsy: Kitchen Housewares Edition

Oh, fuck yeah, kitchen housewares, y’all! Hmm, did I give away that I’m a little excited about this edition of Etsy Betsy? Let’s just say that momma could use a new pair of knitted alpaca-fur oven mitts right about now.

Walnut Rustic Serving Board – $51.68 (USD)

It’s walnut. It’s a board. It’s beautiful and rustic. What is NOT to love about this thing? I would love to serve fresh-from-the-oven crust bread on this baby for Thanksgiving! FYI: This shop has tons of incredible handcrafted wood items for the kitchen. I wonder if they have a handcrafted wooden bowl to catch my drool…

CattailsWoodwork’s Shop

Close-up of Walnut Rustic Serving Board
Seller: CattailsWoodwork


London Skyline Jug, 2 Pints – $45.12 (USD)

First of all, London is freaking awesome. It wins all the “coolest cities ever” awards in my book because I’m an English major from the States. We all get turned on by anything London or British. Second of all, the shape of the pitcher itself is a delight to me. Simple, with a wide handle that will fit the whole hand. Yeah, I’ll take this jug!

cecilyvessey’s Shop

Close-up of London Skyline Jug, 2 Pints
Seller: cecilyvessey


Baby’s Breath Hand-Painted Glass Tea Set – $250

Oh yes, I’m aware how unaffordable this is for the vast majority of us. But just look at this thing. It’s not made by a starving orphan in a far-off land and the overstall styling on this tea pot is phenomenal; it’s classic without being dated. Makes my tea leaves wiggle just thinking about it.

yevgenia’s Shop

Close-up of Baby's Breath Hand-Painted Glass Tea Set
Seller: yevgenia’s shop

Pine Tree Tile Kitchen Trivet – $15.50

Okay, after all that fancy, we need something a little more down to earth. A little less luxury and a little more necessary. And that’s what I love about a good tile trivet; it may not be luxe, but it is a nice combination of practical and pretty. And this is one is adorbs, although I may be biased, considering Washington state is composed principally of pine trees.

MyLittleChick’s Shop

Close-up of Pine Tree Tile Kitchen Trivet
Seller: MyLittleChick’s Shop

Old 4-Piece Hull Blue Band Mixing Bowls (E Series) – $35

Okay, okay. So these are not even remotely handmade. But let me tell you something about these bowls: I buy them WHENEVER I see that at rummage sales. Not only are they tough and durable, but they increase the flavor of pancake batter 10 fold by some mystical scientific property I do not fully understand. True story.

PatziPlace’s Shop

Close-up of Old 4-Piece Hull Blue Band Mixing Bowls (E Series)
Seller: PatziPlace


Have any great Etsy finds of your own this week?

By Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller is a twenty-something blogger, cook, freelance writer and editor living in Seattle, Washington. She’s a feminist trying ever-so-hard to embrace her spaces, conventional or not. She looks forward to numerous bad hair days, burnt cremes, a soapbox or two, and maybe (just maybe) a yellow polka-dot bikini in the years ahead.

8 replies on “Etsy Betsy: Kitchen Housewares Edition”

Ungh. Oh my. So much there I’d buy. But restraint is something I have to practise when it comes to beautiful kitchen things, hence Mr. Juniper tends to buy the kitchen prettiness (like the teacups in avatar!) because he knows what I love, and loveliness comes into the house only two or three times a year, rather than whenever my willpower gives out.

However, I did just buy the most beautiful flask as a birthday present for my brother’s girlfriend, and plan to get one for my mother, too: Stainless Steal Water Bottles.

My father is a wood carver and makes beautiful cutting boards like those shown. There is a difference with a handmade cutting board though I’m not sure I can define exactly what it is just that there is one. Also they’re usually pretty easy to find at local markets for good prices.

Kitchen stuff is my weakness.  Especially on Etsy.  This wine barrel stave serving tray is my kryptonite.  I keep looking at it and thinking, “Well maybeeeee…..”  But seriously, at $75, it’s still a no.

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