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Fall Bracket II: Bracket Revealed

After carefully counting all the votes, we have our top 64. 

Voting will start next week, on Tuesday, but here are your top 64 TV Badasses and their spots.

Comedy Youngs

1. Lisa Simpson
2. Phoebe Buffay
3. Miss Piggy
4. Annie (Community)
5. Lindsay Weir
6. Clarissa Darling
7. Amy Farrah Fowler
8. April Ludgate
9. Darlene Conner
10. Topanga
11. Lucy Ricardo
12. Betty Suarez
13. Alex Mack
14. Georgia Lass
15. Jess (New Girl)
16. Hilary Banks

Drama Youngs

1. Veronica Mars
2. Cordelia Chase
3. Arya Stark
4. Peggy Olson
5. Angela Chase
6. Gabrielle
7. Echo
8. Blair Waldorf
9. Claire Fischer
10. Kelly (Misfits UK)
11. Caroline Forbes
12. Brenda Walsh
13. Felicity
14. Nina Pickering
15. Virginia Lewis
16. Cameron (The Sarah Connor Chronicles)

Comedy Olds

1. Karen Walker
2. Liz Lemon
3. The Goddamn Golden Girls
4. Kitty Forman
5. Leela
6. Ellen
7. Robin Scherbatsky
8. Clair Huxtable
9. Ms. Valerie Frizzle
10. Patsy and Edina
11. Carla Espinoza
12. Julia Sugarbaker
13. The Women of Saturday Night Live
14. Murphy Brown
15. Lois (Malcolm in the Middle)
16. Charlotte “Chuck” Charles

Drama Olds

1. The Dowager Countess
2. Zoe Washburne
3. Donna Noble
4. Lorelei Gilmore
5. Pam (True Blood)
6. Temperance Brennan
7. Miranda Bailey
8. Dana Scully
9. CJ Cregg
10. Olivia Benson
11. Jessica Fletcher
12. Penelope Garcia
13. Kate Beckett
14. Sun-Hwa Kwon
15. Lisa Cuddy
16. Nyota Uhura

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10 replies on “Fall Bracket II: Bracket Revealed”

So, if we’re talking women I’ve actually seen on TV…nine.  Nine of these (I assume) awesome women are known to me.  I’ve heard, vaguely, of three or four others.

I need to watch more TV.  (Or I’ve been doing awesome at not watching TV.  Depends on your view-point.)

Hulk smash!

I cannot believe Maude didn’t even make it into the bracket.  This must be because people haven’t seen it.

Bea Arthur as a 1970s raging liberal and feminist, that tv show covered it all.  Damnit, it was the 1970s and Maude had an abortion while married!  Alcoholism,  addiction, sexism, mental health, domestic violence, Maude portrayed it all.  Hell, it even has Rue McClanahan.

I am so disappointed.  I truly think Maude is one of the best female characters ever to grace a television screen.  Her white liberal guilt and how awkward it made her made for some amazing acting on Arthur’s part.


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