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Fall Bracket II, Electric Boogaloo: Comedy Youngs Nominations

Are you ready to wow me with your recommendations? I am ready to be wowed. 

Share your favorite comedic TV badass ladies whose characters are under 25 (at the time their show was on the air) in the comments. Make sure to include the show they were on. Assume I live under a rock and have never heard of any of these people.  Here are a few to get us started:

Lucy Ricardo from I Love Lucy (I’m guessing that character was under 25 when the show started, please feel free to argue otherwise!)

Clarissa, from Clarissa Explains it All.

Penny, Bernadette and Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory.

Blossom, from Blossom.

Darlene Conner from Roseanne.

Reminder: Buffy and Willow from BtVS, Jane Lane from Daria, and Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation are sadly ineligible because they were in the final four last year. In future brackets, these lovely women may be eligible again, but not this one.

I expect a few tough calls, like the women of Friends, where we’re not entirely sure of the character ages, but we’ll discuss it all out, like we do.

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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Having watched an obscene amount of Friends whilst enduring various moments of ill health, I’ll throw in the fact that Rachel turns 30 in season 7, and in said episode, the others reflect on having turned 30, too.

Do the Gilmore Girls ladies count as comedy or drama? Hmn.

I second Carly, and Sam, from iCarly, and I would like to add Jennifer Mosley from Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide.

She may be a total newcomer, but I would also like to nominate Mabel from Gravity Falls. She is all Mabel, all the time and she is awesome. Grappling Hook!

Lori Beth Denberg (Best female comic on “All That”, blew Amanda Bynes out of the water IMO…though Amanda Bynes could probably be on here too)

Alex Mack (played by Larissa Oleynik on “The Secret World of Alex Mack”)

Evie Garland (played by Maureen Flannigan on “Out of This World”). Just a reminder – she could FREEZE TIME, you guys!

Jackie Burkhart (played by Mila Kunis on “That 70’s Show”)

And then has no one mentioned Hilary Banks (played by Karyn Parsons on “Fresh Prince”)?! She was hilarious.


Jess from New girl ,but she might be older than 25 not sure

Lisa Turtle ,Kelly Kapowski,Jessie Spano-Saved by the Bell

Topanga-Boy meets World

Carly- iCarly (yes I,a grown-ass woman, freely admit to watching that show on purpose and if you haven’t you should its adorable)



Okay, so I went through yesterday’s lists and pulled everyone I knew to be under 25 and comedic off the list so we’d have a starting point for today’s nominations. Sorry if I forgot anyone.

June Colburn (Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23)

Ashley Spinelli (Recess)

Sarah Jane Smith (Early Doctor Who)

April (Parks and Recs)

Santana Lopez(Glee)

Myka and H.G. Wells (Warehouse 13)

Annie Edison (Community)

Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons)

Daria Morgendorffer (Daria)

Jane Lane (Daria)

And I’d also like to add Ms. Piggy (The Muppet Show)

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