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Fall TV: Time to Say Goodbye

All good things must come to an end, and that proves true for television shows as well. While most of the programs ending this upcoming season have lost much of their luster, I will miss a few. 

30 Rock really did beat the odds, and I think if Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, and Lorne Michaels hadn’t been part of the show, it never would have made it as long as it did. The ratings were never super high, but fans and critics alike loved the show throughout its entire run. The ensemble cast truly worked, from Jane Krakowski’s egomaniac Jenna to Tracy Morgan’s barely-able-to-function Tracy. I will miss seeing Liz Lemon on my television screen, but there’s no way NBC or any other network will let Tina Fey disappear for too long, and I’m sure she’ll be back with another character that far too many women I know resemble. There are lots of ways the show can end, and while I don’t look forward to the final episode, I’m fairly certain it’ll be excellent.

The Office is also saying farewell this year. The original British series just had 14 episodes, and while I’m glad our stateside version lasted longer, it is beyond time for it to end now. Following Steve Carell’s departure as Michael Scott in season seven, it just got weird, with too many bumbling bosses trying to work with the already established cast. Carell did a fantastic job with Michael, and he really was the glue that held the ragtag team together. I am a huge fan of everyone on the show, and I look forward to seeing what John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Ed Helms, and the rest of the gang do next (and like I said last week, I can’t wait for Mindy Kaling’s new show on Fox!). I hope this final season is a step up from the last, and that The Office can get back to its original glory.

Gossip Girl started with a scandalous bang in 2007, with various “concerned parents groups” calling for its cancellation right off the bat due to its depiction of sex and whatever else those people find offensive. It’s getting the axe this year now that storylines are even more unbelievable (Bart Bass isn’t really dead?), and the cast is ready to move on. I will forever love Blair Waldorf’s clothes and the New York City cinematography, but it is definitely time for us to move on. I can only imagine what new teen soap is waiting in the CW’s wings.

Are you sad about any of these shows ending? Do you have a favorite that is going off the air after this season?

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Honestly the Office peaked before Michael Scott left and for sure should have ended when he did. I tried to watch a few after his departure but it was clearly not working. I knew it was over when Jim & Pam turned into people I wanted to punch in the face rather than root for. Gossip Girl has always been a night time soap but even I’ll admit it has jumped the shark. Imo they focused too much on poor Serena. I mean who cares about whiny mumbling Serena? Answer: Nobody! I also blame Dan’s unfortunate hair choices along the way leading to the shows undoing .But as long as the fashions and Blair are still fierce and there are pretty mens to oggle I’ll finish out the season.

I don’t watch any of these anymore, and most of my favorite shows ended last season (RIP, Chuck and House). I used to love Gossip Girl but I just couldn’t bring myself to be interested last season. It got so ridiculous. I loved the first season of 30 Rock, and one of these days I’ll have to catch up on Netflix or something. I never got into either incarnation of The Office.

Are you sad about any of these shows ending?

No. I stopped watching GG two seasons ago because even the gorgeous clothes and sets couldn’t make me forget all the plot holes and “Oh it isn’t abuse when he really loves her” bullshit.  I never got into the other two. I don’t know if any of my shows is near their ending ..

I didn’t know 30 Rock was ending.  That makes me sad.  I have never been an avid watcher, but enjoy it whenever I catch it.

I have a real love/hate relationship with awesome British shows.  They only ever seem to have two series, which means they go out on a high note and it never becomes a stale relationship that I should just give up on once and for all.  However, that means there are only two series!  I was surprised that Downton Abbey is coming back for a third.

I don’t think any of my favourites are ending, but there are definitely a couple I should just give up on…. hello, SOA and Mad Men.

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