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Fun Time Open Thread: Because We’re Cool

Yesterday’s Lunchtime Poll, Two Truths and a Lie, was tubs of fun, so I thought I’d keep it going. What is the most interesting piece of trivia about you?

You can give us two truths and a lie and make us guess, or just tell us straight out. It can be about you or a member of your family or your pet, anything goes. I think we are an interesting group of people, and this is our chance to show off a little.

My two truths and a lie were about my encounters with celebrities (my dad was the one who met Vonnegut in the street, BTW), but frankly, when I want to make people think I am interesting I tell them I am a glass artist. I love the fact that I melt glass and make pretty things, and I love the fact that I now have a signature item. I am also involved in a minor feud with a bestselling author. I’m really a pretty boring person, but I can make myself sound cool as hell if I want to.  :)

Now it’s your turn, comment away!

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Glass artisan by day, blogger by night (and sometimes vice versa). SaraB has three kids, three pets, one husband and a bizarre sense of humor. Her glass pendants can be found at if you're interested in checking it out.

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Representing for Christian feminists: Rachel Held Evans:

It wasn’t a formal feminist education that taught me that ontological equality cannot be separated from functional equality. It was the boy in my youth group who, after I delivered a testimony in front of my classmates, complimented me on my speaking skills and said, “You  would be a great preacher, Rachel; too bad you’re a girl.”

(I’m not a Christian, but I really admire her)

Aside from my lunch with Sam Raimi, I have studied under professors who worked on the following list of films/tv shows: Pocahontas, Beowulf, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (the new one), Space Jam, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Evil Dead 2, and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (i.e. the not good Sonic cartoon). Probably a few more things if I really stopped to think about it.

Also here’s a picture of me in a motion capture suit:

Those aren’t tiny lights I’m covered in, but little balls of a material that reflects light only in one direction (directly back the way it came), like the little reflective strips on running shoes or the stuff on road signs. They look like lights because they are reflecting the camera flash. (And geez this picture is old. Look how short my hair is…)

I really don’t know :-[

Erm, for years I thought my name meant butterfly in Maori, only to discover it was a fantasy name. The upper uppisty parts of my arms refuse to tan/freckle, leaving me with permanent ‘sleeves’. I can speak a bit of Afrikaans, but I do it with a Dutch accent.

In high school, I won a season-championship softball game in the bottom of the 9th inning (that’s right, extra innings), when the bases were loaded, by striking out and then running to first base when the catcher dropped the ball.   I still maintain that that was my plan all along.

I really really REALLY like storms.  That said, I’m hoping Isaac doesn’t cause too many issues. This is only my second hurricane experience and my first wasn’t a barrel of laughs.

At least now we have a plethora of board games (and alcohol) if our power goes out for days. :-)


This is a re-post from the gif thread.

I just read a HuffPo Canada article outlining the GOP platform and I need to know how realistic it is.  There is, without a doubt, often a bias in Canadian reporting when talking about American politics and I want to know if that’s the case here.  I am genuinely hoping for every sane minded American that this is the case.  Because holy shit, holy.shit.  I actually felt a deep ache for anyone who lives in such an amazing country that could be ruled by this party.

I just looked at it again and it makes me very sad.  I know the average person from the United States isn’t anywhere near as left wing as myself (hell, the majority of Canadians aren’t) but this genuinely bothers me. How could anyone other than a rich, white man with no conscience vote for the GOP?  Is it racism?  Is it a misguided belief in the American dream?  Is it true conservatism and in fact most people believe all terminations are wrong as is gay marriage, but assault weapons are ok?

Speaking of gay marriage, I think if I were to go back to Canada and the GOP got in, I may seriously consider offering myself up as a faux spouse for an American who wanted to come to Canada.  Same sex marriage is legal, wouldn’t bother me at all.  I just, I can’t imagine how progressive Americans must be feeling right now.


This progressive (really far left liberal) is feeling a bit terrified. I try to keep a  level head and tell myself they simply won’t get the support from Americans they think they will – but then I think about how much money they have behind them and I realize they won’t need support. They’ll just take over and next thing I know my name will be Ofsteve.

And the part where they are whining about ‘crony capitalism’ just plain makes me see red. They are the worst offenders on that score.

Arrgh, too early for this rage.

Yeah, that article sounds about right.

As for WHY people would vote for the Republican party, all the things you mentioned play a role. As far as the belief that terminations are wrong but assault rifles are okay, I don’t know how much guns are idolized in Canada, but these are usually the kinds of people who like guns a LOT and/or view gun ownership as necessary for their lives and safety. There’s a reason why rabidity over MUST HAVE GUNS increases when there’s big shootings in the country.

Our dichotomous political system can also play a role. Since issues are becoming increasingly polarized, the parties are a lot more likely to try to strike themselves as complete opposites. So, if one particular issue matters far more than any other to you, you might vote for one party over the other simply because THAT party is the one that supports your view.

Additionally, if you for some reason don’t like the other party, you really only have one other viable option. Third parties don’t get very much support, and they’re usually accused of taking votes away from the Republican candidate or the Democratic candidate, depending on their leanings.

Also, I think it’s interesting how negative other countries’ reporting of US politics can be. When you’re in the middle of it, it can be easy to forget how even most of the more liberal Democrats here would be seen as moderates (or even conservatives!) in other places.

I have no idea what someone would find most interesting, but when I was 12, I got to help excavate a Triceratops skeleton (if that’s actually the right name anymore!). Funnily enough, it was actually the downfall of my then-life-long dinosaur obsession. I wasn’t aware being a paleontologist would involve piecing together skeletons as if they were jigsaw puzzles. I think if I had such an opportunity now I would enjoy that bit more than I did then, but it was an awesome thing I got to do.

Most of what strikes me as more interesting trivia is stuff I did when I was younger, because I got a lot of great opportunities to do a variety of things. Now that I’ve been in collegiate school for the past 5 years, I’ve been a lot more boring!

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