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Fun Time Open Thread: Video Games

Video games are a funny thing. While books and cars have to wait decades to be considered classics, video games only have to wait a few years. The technology moves so quickly that games fall prey to the same curse as laptops and cell phones. 

Unlike a ten-year-old cell phone, though, there are classic video games that I still want to play with.

Since I am particularly fond of RPGs, consider tonight’s trivia an homage to the classics of console gaming. And by classics, I mean games from way back in the early 2000s.

  1. This game, from the makers of Dark Cloud, features a weapons’ synthesis system where you feed your old weapons to a purple frog, who then chews them up and spits out a shiny new weapon.
  2. Speaking of Dark Cloud, what is the name of the world-building spheres you collect throughout the game?
  3. This game, and its sequel, were the first console games that truly reflected the D&D experience.
  4. What is the name of the Mario entry into the realm of role playing?
  5. What game franchise is a combination of Final Fantasy and Disney World?
  6. This game is tons of fun to play, but it has the worst plot twist in the history of video games, when the player characters find out that they are actually video game characters and jump out into the “real” world.
  7. Which Japanese game features oddly pornographic moments when the main character needs to insert performance enhancing crystals into his non-human friends’ ports?
  8. This series is fun and silly, but drew criticism for making few changes to its 16-bit style graphics as the years went by. (I’ll give you a hint: PUNIS!)

My last question is less trivia and more a matter of opinion. There can be no question that The Legend of Zelda is the granddaddy of console RPGs. I have loved almost every entry into the franchise in this “modern age” of gaming, but the two I go back to again and again are Ocarina of Time and Windwaker. They are very different, but they are both frustrating and fun. Do you have a favorite Zelda? If not, what is your favorite game?

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I never had a N64 so I sadly missed out on the supposedly excellent Zelda games for it :( Link to a Past though remains one of my favourite video games and is quite possibly my favourite console game along with FFVI which will forever have a very dear spot in my heart. Other favourites for me are Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, and Super Mario RPG, the latter of which I believe is the answer to #4 (can you tell I owned a SNES?). My 18 year-old SNES actually still works but it is sadly in another city and in my sister’s possession. At the moment we like playing Mario Kart Wii because there’s nothing that makes a distance relationship stronger than playing Mario Kart (or Smash Brothers…) against each other… At the moment I own a Mac so I don’t have many options for gaming, which is probably a good thing all told, but when I do have a time I often indulge my long-standing addiction to Minecraft. My secret guilty pleasure is League of Legends which I say as such because the feminist me gets more than a little irked at the game.

I want to think #1 is Dragon Quest VIII? #2 is orbs I think but I may be missing part of the answer. I want to think #3 is Baldur’s Gate or Neverwinter Nights but those are not console games so I’m not sure (Eye of the Beholder potentially though I think that was on the computer as well). #4 Super Mario RPG! :D I’m not sure about the rest aside form #8 which I think might be Paper Mario (based solely on the PUNIS hint).

Okay, it seems like while I don’t comment here often, when I do have I some big paragraphs. So!

I don’t have answers to any of the trivia (well, Kingdom Hearts?), but I literally grew up on Zelda – some of my first memories is of watching my mother play A Link To The Past, and a New Zelda Game was always an event in our house. My favorite is easily Majora’s Mask, even though I haven’t played it since I was like fifteen because my family’s N64 died a slow and terrible death (as has every console we’ve had, we use them a lot including my mother, even had to replace the Wii). I’m considering grabbing a GameCube off of eBay or something so I can get the big collector’s pack with that, along with a few of my other favorite RPGs, which leads me to…

Other favorite RPGs!! Another staple of my childhood: Golden Sun, for the GBA and now the DS. Oh man, Golden Sun. I can’t even really talk about how great it is because I don’t really know how to start. It’s fantasy save-the-world stuff but really, really, really well done, and there’s three of them (the third just came out, and is kinda short and not too difficult but I didn’t care because it was a new Golden Sun after nine years). There’s also Tales of Symphonia for the GameCube, which I’ll admit I enjoy mostly to analyze from a religious studies perspective (it’s a fascinating take on the concepts of Christianity), but the storyline and characters are totally A+ and it has an interesting battle system. I also completely love Skies of Arcadia, originally for the Dreamcast but ported to the GameCube, which involves sky pirates and some seriously awesome airship battles. Yeah, airship battles. I’m also playing something on the DS right now called Nostalgia, which is really similar to Skies (mostly the comparison is because of airships, but the battles aren’t done as well), which is basically what if we had airships instead of regular ships in like the 1900s or something, and you travel around a slightly fantasy-ish version of the real world and I’m enjoying it, even if it probably won’t get absurd amounts of playthroughs like the others.

Can you tell I like video games.

I actually found a working computer ROM, but I don’t have a computer gaming controller thing so doing it with the keyboard and mouse was too hard and I was sad.

Wow your N64 still works, ours crapped out like riiiiiight before the GameCube came out, we bought that thing real quick.

THINGS THAT ARE AMAZING: @wannabemusikwissenschafter and I have one degree of separation in real life. So excellent, yeah?

In other news, tomorrow is my first day of work (uh, today, since it’s after midnight). I am completely terrified, but to deal with the fear I spent my day finishing inventory of all the stuff my predecessor left in the office (HELLA STUFF), making lasagna + 2 extra jars of sauce, and then making a batch of cookies, rolling the rest of the dough, and freezing it in layers for fresh cookies whenever I want them! Adulthood! Using Pinterest in real life!

Ok, I just saw that on FB.  Is that true?!  How the hell does that happen?  I’m genuinely confused by it.  My God, if CBC ran a live stream, I’m not gonna lie, I’d totally watch it and dream of drinking a Tim’s or Canadian while eating perogies, but not poutine because that is disgusting.

Ahem, I do believe the sentence should be “I would treat it like the Grey Cup…”.

My oh my, think of the things you could have on the menu… BC bud to start since he lives in Vancouver, what kind of appies?  Deer sausage, but calling it ‘venison’ pate?  As an aside, this actually happened to me.  I was at a very nice restaurant in southern Alberta to have a six course meal and they brought us venison pate.  I did a, “Wait a minute! I grew up in the very far north and they call this deer liver.”  Maybe spinach dip as well for an appie or is that just regional?

Hmmm… what else?  What would a good main course be?

This could be the best, trashiest Canadian wedding EVAH.

Chad Kroeger, is he the lead singer of Nickleback (aka- the worst Canadian band of all time which I may have loved when I was in grade nine)? Also, yes CBC should totally broadcast their wedding. Then, years after the fact, they can keep rebroadcasting it just like every Rankin Family, Ann Murray, or Rita McNeil concert ever.  Also- I cannot believe that we sort of, almost know eachother in real life. Crazy.

I always say to myself I should get into gaming, but I never have. I think this might be because I suck at anything that isn’t Mario Kart.

Oh and I got a call from my computer repair guy. He needs to replace my hard drive, but everything can be saved on my Macbook and he’s upgrading my OSx. So yay!

Lol, I just got a Macbook air so of course I come across your comment now. :P May I ask what happened to yours? I tried looking in your comment history to see if you mentioned it, but didn’t find anything. Sorry if I’m asking something you already posted about! About how long did you have your mac book before you had problems?

Oh no worries, my hard drive crashed and I’m getting it replaced. There is a guy who does computer repairs here in Daegu (South Korea) who is really good and cheap. I’ve had her for about 5 years. I was actually coming to terms with the idea of having to get a new one, but getting a new computer here can be a bit of an issue. I could order one and have it shipped, but the import taxes are piracy in action.

I want to say that 3 is Dragon Warrior, but there were like 4 of those games. And there were totally a couple of AD&D modules for the Intelevision. Actually there were a lot of AD&D games I think…

As for favorite Zelda game I have to give the title to A Link to the Past. Soooo many hours of my life went into playing that game as a wee Opifex. Also the noise Link makes when he dies is kinda adorable. Weeew Weeew Weeew Bomp.

Favorite game of all though probably goes to Final Fantasy XII (unpopular opinion I know). Much love for that game. Game play was good but not stunning, the plot, however, is kinda awesome. And Balthier. I may have bought FF Tactics: War of the Lions, even after already owning FF Tactics in it’s original state just to get Balthier as a playable character. Yup… I’m not proud.

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