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Fun Time Open Thread: Zombiefest

When I get fuzzy in the brain, I tend to get the phrase “chicken fried and zombified” stuck in my head. I’m feeling pretty chicken fried tonight, so we’re going to have a Zombiefest. 

The first Zombiefest I attended was in 1995. My boyfriend-at-the-time took me to their yearly celebration, where everyone brought zombie-related entertainment, we watched classic zombie movies from dusk till dawn, and everyone who managed to stay awake got a certificate of awesomeness. It’s a fun way to spend an evening, I highly recommend it.

You don’t have to pull an all-nighter tonight, but if you can answer all my zombie movie questions, I will totally give you an Internet certificate of awesomeness.

  1. The charming and lovable Rupert Everett, before starring in movies like My Best Friend’s Wedding, starred in this zombie movie with a pack of undead boy scouts.
  2. This 2009 movie has been called “The best Nazi zombie movie ever made.”
  3. Bela Lugosi starred in this granddaddy of zombie flicks way back in 1932.
  4. Which zombie movie gave us the infamous “double tap?”
  5. Do not confuse this movie with the Sandra Bullock rehab movie, they are in no way alike.
  6. Which Romero movie features blue zombies in a mall?
  7. Which zombie movie gave us the line “This is my boomstick!”
  8. Where is Ed at the end of Shaun of the Dead?
  9. This movie has zombies, pirates, werecats and, for the first time ever, they aren’t just projections or people in masks.
  10. The only thing I liked about this creepy-ass Steven King movie was Denise Crosby, Star Trek: TNG‘s Tasha Yar, as the mom.

All right, my undead loving friends, enjoy the rest of today and have fun with the trivia. I’ll see you next week, same bat time, same bat channel.

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2. dead snow

4.zombieland (can’t wait for the sequel)

5.28 days later

6. dawn of the dead

7. Evil Dead

8. in the shed in the back yard playing video games with shaun

My friends and I have a bi-weekly zombie movie night. Its an excuse for a us all to get together informally plus there is always some terrible B zombie movie out each week or we will settle for a serial killer flick.

I know 5 and 7 but that’s it.  Not a huge fan of zombie movies here.  Just submitted a persephepost that’s full of the wistful longing of youth and soul vomit.  (And that’s after I cut out a liberal amount of the aforementioned puke.)  Here’s hoping it doesn’t make the wrong people angry or get back to my ex!

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