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It’s 8 O’Clock on a Friday Where I Am, Let’s Have an Open Thread

Everyone grab the drinks and snacks and meet me behind the cut. 

It’s Friday night! Let’s celebrate like only a P-Mag OT can, with many .gifs and copious commenting.

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I have had a thoroughly lovely weekend with Perseid-watching yesterday and closing ceremonies and seeing ‘Seeking A Friend for the End of the World’ tonight. Gonna take a bath soon once I’ve made my Internet rounds and then the BF is going to read me a chapter of the book we’re currently making our way through. Loooove this summer.

Did Emeli Sandé ran over NBC’s family with her SUV or something? Because I’m re-watching the Olympic Closing Ceremony, and I didn’t see her shown too much at all. She’s a great singer (and my vocal range twin), and she’s gonna be BIG regardless of whether you shine your inane commentary on her or not. You got that, NBC? (RASPBERRY) No love, Sue B.


I feel…things.  Too many things.  Sporting KC won the US Open Cup on Wednesday night and won a league game against DC (Handball) United tonight, and these things make me so fucking happy.  SKC gets a big, shiny trophy and a spot in the CONCACAF Champion’s League next year, which is really, really exciting.  And even though Graham Zusi cut off his glorious, beautiful hair, he’s still really damn handsome, and also a really skilled athlete.  I would have his babies if he asked.

But.  Monday is the first day with students (just freshman) at my new job, and I am SO NERVOUS.  This district actually has a curriculum and other English teachers (there are more English teachers than there were total teachers at my last school…..) and a different textbook than I’m used to and we’re switching to Common Core Standards and I’ve never taught freshman before and OMG I’m freaking out.

Also.  Went on a couple of dates with a guy I’m pretty interested in.  He did the asking the first time, and I did the asking the second time (which I was super proud of–yay me, taking initiative), and I have no idea if he’s into me or not.  Usually, I can tell immediately.  This time?  No freaking clue.  I send him a text every couple of days, and usually he responds and seems willing to chat, but he hasn’t initiated contact in awhile.  Both dates have ended with hugs, which is a weird in-between place for me.  If he wasn’t interested at all, why the hug?  If he is interested, why not go in for a kiss, at least on date #2?  I am confused.  I enjoyed dating so much more last summer when I didn’t give a shit if it resulted in a relationship or not and just wanted to have the sexy-times with hot guys.  Now I’m all “hmmmmmm, I’d like an actual relationship,” and that shit is HARD.

Did I mention, Sporting KC won the US Open Cup and gets to be in the Champions League next year???  OMG SO EXCITED.

I had some homemade pizza (crust and everything) for dinner, and it was pretty damn yummy.  Diced tomato/garlic/basil topping>tomato sauce EVERY TIME.

Not a shrimp fan, but a homemade taco bowl with corn and tomato sounds really yummy.

Also, I wish I was drinking wine on a beach in a fun dress.  Instead, I’m a drinking wine in my underpants in my apartment with my cat….


Oooh, I might have to try your sauce substitution on my next homemade pizza!  Good idea.

I think that you can substitute shrimp for chicken, and add some black beans and jalapenos to go with it.  And you just make it like a stir fry, and it’s totally wonderful.

Haha, I wish I were drinking at all.  Being unemployed is not fun (cue sad trombone).

How hard is it *really* to move to another country? I’m in America and if Ryan/Romney win I am so out. I’m not kidding. I’m leaving before this place becomes a burnt crater and hellscape for the female population. So is Canada hard to get into? What about Britain? France? Seriously. What would I need to do?

Wasn’t there a ladyguide about this posted maybe a couple of months ago?

The niftiest option seems to be, as far as I recall, having roots in Europe – if your grandpa came from Italy, you can easily claim Italian citizenship, etc. Might not work for all the countries, but I think it’s fairly common.

Studying was also an option, for example in Scandinavia there often aren’t any students’ fees and there are programs available in English. I’ve seen Finland and France recommended as an option to people in the UK who are put off by the students’ fees that the UK universities charge.

Edit: oh, and Australia is pretty lenient about letting young people (under 32, I think?) from certain selected countries come stay for a year, have a look around and work.

Apart from the whole abortion thing, Ireland is reasonable for women’s rights – statutory maternity leave, equality legislation, equal pay…better than the US anyway. If you can prove an Irish grandparent you can apply for an Irish passport.

I’m leaving for my first ever business trip tomorrow morning! I’m super excited to get paid to see Baltimore and DC for a week, but I’m getting nervous about the actual practicalities involved. I’ve built up a nice wardrobe of office clothes, but I’ve only been field traveling (crawling around mechanical rooms with chemicals) for a few days, and am still insecure about the dress code for that. Solution: I’m just gonna pack EVERYTHING and then make the decision on what to wear when I get there.

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