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Ladyghosts of TV Past: Battlestar Galactica: 4.01: “He That Believeth In Me”

Oh, hey, shiny new credits! Welcome to Season 4, kids!

Previously on Battlestar Galactica, Adama thinks that a certain nebula does look like the mandala inside the Temple of Jupiter, and it’s a road sign on the way to Earth. Its also a design that Starbuck’s been drawing since she was little. Starbuck, by the way, went into the madala and her ship blew up. Baltar’s not guilty, and has been taken away by some women “to his new life.” And oh, Tigh, Tory, Anders and Tyrol are Cylons. (Other) Cylons are attacking, like lots of them. And Starbuck’s back! She’s been to Earth, and she’s gonna show everyone how to get there.

On the bridge, Tigh shoots Adama.

Lee’s flippin out a bit. He saw Kara’s ship blow up, after all. Everyone on the bridge is listening in ““ Roslin thinks it’s a trick, Adama’s angry, Helo says it’s her voice, Gaeta confirms its her raptor. Adama would also like to know what the hell is wrong with Tigh, at which point Tigh takes out a gun and shoots Adama?! Wait, what? We go into slo-mo, and we realize that the shooting thing was just in Tigh’s head. Because of the size of the incoming Cylon attack, coupled with a blow to their electrical systems so the fleet can’t jump away,  everyone who can fly is ordered up in the air, including the nuggets, so Anders and Tyrol have a moment ““ Anders is worried some switch is gonna flip in his head. Tyrol is an adorable older brother for a moment there, telling him to calm down.

Sam Anders, in a helmet, looking scared, with red light reflecting off his helmet.
Oh Sam. Yes, the Cylon recognizes you as one of their own. Sorry?

The Cylons take down a civilian ship ““ 600 dead colonials. We haven’t had an outerspace dog fight in ages!  Sam’s freaking out a bit. He has a moment where one of the Cylon Raiders scans him, and the pupil of his eye turns red, like the Cylon raiders and Centurions. The Cylon raiders turn tail and all, en masse, stop the attack and leave. On the brig, Tory says that maybe something’s changed, and Roslin asks what could have changed. Tigh and Tory say they don’t know.

Baltar, sporting a shock blanket, is taken to what was an unused storage container on Galactica, but has been converted into some sort of Baltar Cult Headquarters. There are an awful lot of candles, young women, singing, and a big ole Baltar shrine. Baltar’s response? “Right.”

Starbuck, Anders, and Lee, on the flight deck.
I really love that the jealousy between the boys is gone in this episode, and they’re both just there for her.

STARBUCK’S BACK ON THE FLIGHT DECK!! Everyone’s kinda gathered around and whispering. Lee runs to her and hugs her, with Tigh and Adama watching down from below. Anders gets in the second hug, and Starbuck would like to know how Anders became a Viper pilot. Adama orders Starbuck down to sick bay, at which point, she’s confused. Starbuck says she’s been gone for a few hours ““ six, at the most. Anders and Lee explain that she’s been gone for over two months, and everyone thought she was dead. Starbuck’s flabbergasted.

Baltar tells the lady who seems to be the leader of the cult that he’s praying for her son (when we first meet her, we learned her son was sick.) Baltar asks when he’s getting out of here, and he is informed that no other

Baltar kneels, hands out, palms up, as a woman much younger than him unbuttons his shirt. There is a shrine to Baltar in the background.
I don’t even know what to do with this.

ships will have one. Head Six appears, and Baltar is insulting and disparaging about the sort of people who support him. He would like some hope for the future ““ Head Six says she’s got her. A conventionally attractive girl interrupts his interaction with Head Six, talking about how sincere his praying is, and Six tells him to tell her that her gods are false, that there is only one god. Pretty girl starts unbuttoning Baltar’s shirt, and they hook up.

In Adama’s quarters, Roslin, Lee, Starbuck, Tigh and Adama discuss Starbuck’s story of what happened during her disappearance. She says she was in her Viper, got injured, blacked out, and when she came to, was orbiting a planet that, based on the ancient scrolls and what they saw in the Tomb of Athena, was Earth. She’s got pictures to boot. Roslin is not buying it AT ALL. Starbuck’s memory seems awfully spotty. She remembers a giant gas planet with rings, a flashing triple star, and then she’s back with the fleet.

Tyrol, Roslin, Adama, Tory, and Tigh look at Starbuck's Viper - Lee is standing on the ship
Something suspicious!

Tyrol’s looking at Starbuck’s Viper ““ it’s not the same ship, Starbuck’s has been through hell and this one is good as new. There’s no record of where this Viper has been. Roslin wants her thrown in the Brig, thinking she’s a Cylon. Tory and Tigh are quick to say that there’s no way to know whether she’s a Cylon or not. Lee hazards the idea that Kara is the clue that they were supposed to find. Roslin thinks Kara’s playing them ““ saying this in front of Tyrol, Tigh, and Tory, Cylons all.

Back with Baltar, Derek, the sick child, has been taken from sick bay by his mother, and brought to Baltar. He’s got viral encephalitis, and there’s nothing anyone can do.

Tigh, Tyrol, Tory and Anders are meeting, and Tigh wonders whether anyone else can hear the song ““ they all say no. Anders tells the others about how the Cylons turned around once they scanned him. They’re all worried they’re going to do something to betray the Colonials, and Tyrol says that Boomer was worried about that too. Tigh thinks that because they know what they are, they’ll be able to prevent it from happening. He then takes out a gun, and asks, “agreed?”

Closeup of Adama and Starbuck's faces - Adama is closer, and in focus.
Well this is a complicated position for Adama to be in!

Roslin goes to talk to Caprica Six. She wants help ““ she wants to know about the final five Cylons. Caprica knows that Roslin wants to know if Kara Thrace is one of them. Caprica Six says that she’s been programmed to not think about them. She also says that the five are close – she can feel them. Starbuck and Gaeta are spatting over the star system, so Helo gets involved ““ Starbuck says no one believes her. Kara’s hair is also long again, which isn’t the best sign for her headspace. Kara says that with every jump further away from the Ionian nebula, its harder for her to remember the directions to Earth. She tells Adama they’re going the wrong way, but the President is adamant. Adama asks what she wants him to do ““ go to Roslin and tell her to forget everything else, because Kara has a feeling? She says yes. Adama informs her that her ship is brand-new, how does she explain that? Kara replies that he once loved her like a daughter, if he still does, he has to trust her. Adama says he can’t afford to.

Bill Adama and Lee Adama sit apart from each other in the pilot's training room.
I love the space between them in this scene!

Adamas Jr. and Sr. rewatch Lee’s flight footage of when Kara’s ship blew up. Adama Sr. says they have to follow the President’s orders. Lee asks if Roslin’s still staying in his quarters, he says yes. Adama offers Lee his pins back ““ he can resume his old position in Galactica. Lee refuses ““ he thinks he could be of use to the government. Lee then asks what if Zach came back in that Viper ““ would it matter if he was a Cylon, if he always had been? Would that change how they feel about him? (This, obviously, is important not only in the context of Kara, but also the currently-unknown Cylons who they’re all besties with.

In Baltar’s lair, he goes over and prays for Derek, begging God to keep him alive ““ quietly, without anyone watching ““ you can’t help but think

Closeup on Balatar's face - full of fear.
He does look better freshly shaved.

it’s sincere? Maybe? If God wants someone to die, it should be Baltar. The ladies of the lair wake up and listen ““ I really can’t tell if Baltar’s faking or not, if he is, he’s doing a hell of a job. Baltar’s talking with another of the women, who takes him to a head for a haircut and shave. A man walks in, and talks to Baltar about his son Kevin, who was killed by Baltar’s police. He grabs the razor Baltar was shaving with and holds it to Baltar’s throat, as another man comes in and restrains the woman who was with him. As the razor cuts into Baltar, Head Six appears, and wants to know if Baltar really meant it when he said God should take his life. Baltar says yes? The woman frees herself, grabs a pipe, and beats the hell out of the man restraining her and the man about to kill Baltar. Excellent job, unnamed woman! Back in the lair, Derek’s fever has broken and he’s gonna be okay! It is, apparently, a miracle.

Starbuck, holding a gun, pointed at the camera.

Starbuck’s in the memorial hallway, staring at the photo of herself. No one’s taken it down. Sam shows up, and Kara’s freaking out ““ did the Cylons grow another her in a petri dish? She has no idea what happened. Anders says that even if she woke up one day and found out she was a Cylon, nothing would change ““ he’d still love her. Starbuck says he’s a better person than she is, because if she found out that Anders was a Cylon, she’d kill him. Starbuck overpowers the Marines keeping an eye on her, and goes to see Roslin ““ armed. Roslin’s resting in Adama’s quarters. Starbuck draws her weapon and points it at Roslin “¦.



Thanks to Monchichi for the screencaps! This one’s for you:

A shrine to Baltar - his photo is framed, surrounded by candles and lights.

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