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Ladyghosts of TV Past: Battlestar Galactica, Episode 4.02, “Six of One”

The new credits in Season 4 take some getting used to! Previously on Battlestar Galactica, Starbuck gives Adama the Aurora icon, then blows up; Lee’s not going back into the military, and Baltar’s saving babies – or, at least, little boys. Roslin wants to know about the final five Cylons, four of whom, we know, are Tigh, Tyrol, Anders, and Tory. The Cylon raiders turned and ran when they scanned Anders, and Anders couldn’t fire on them, either. And, oh, Starbuck’s back. She thinks she was only gone for a few hours, when she was actually gone for two months. Everyone’s damn suspicious, but Kara’s got a map in her head of how to get to Earth. She thinks she needs to get to Roslin so Adama will listen to her. So she pulls a gun on the President.

An angry Starbuck pointing a gun at President Roslin, in Adama's quarters.
You wanna kill the President? You could win the prize with the bright blue eyes …

Tigh opens this episode with “Look alive! And for frak’s sake, don’t shoot the gods-damned President” – always good life advice. Adama leaves the bridge to deal with the mess. Starbuck locks the door to the Adama’s quarters and then starts to talk to Roslin. Starbuck trusted Roslin, based on one of Roslin’s visions. She says she saw Earth, its calling her back, and they’re going the wrong way. Oh, also, President Roslin? Shoot her. If you think she’s a Cylon, then shoot her. Roslin refuses to pick up the gun, but still isn’t convinced that Starbuck isn’t a Cylon. Starbuck talks about who she is and what she’s done. (Notably, she’s broken more rules than she’s followed, which I think is what I want on my gravestone one day.) Roslin picks up the gun and fires a shot – she misses? Deliberately? Adama, Tigh and some Marines bust in and handcuff Starbuck. She tells Adama that she’s losing the way to Earth. Everyone’s looking at her like she’s lost it, and she knows that. She thought that a way to Earth was what everyone wanted. The Marines drag her out, as she’s hysterical – one more jump, the map in her head will be gone.

Closeup on the face of a Six, with shoulder-length dark blond hair.
Is this Gina? I think it’s kind of important whether it is or not? (Gina-who-blew-up-Cloud-Nine Gina, remember?)

Credits, and a change of location. We open with the music that last played when Baltar was on the Cylon base ship, and we hear the Hybrid (are all the Hybrids identical?) There’s an Eight (Sharon) doing mostly-naked”¦ballet? Yoga? Something. The Hybrid’s making little sense, but Gina, Doral and Sharon go to Brother Cavil, and tell him that the Final Five are in the Colonial fleet, because the raiders turned away from the fleet. Cavil tells them that discussing the Final Five is forbidden, and their creators didn’t want the final five to be known. Cavil suggests that they instead dumb down the raiders, lobotomize them, so they can’t decide to turn away again. Gina (I think that’s Gina?) says that there has to be a majority vote before any change can be made. She also thinks that something’s changed and it’s time for them to learn more about their origins.

Closeup on Tigh, looking sad and determined.

Speaking of the final Four, they’re all meeting. Sam’s worried about Starbuck, and Tigh say’s she’s crazier than ever, more herself than ever, and if she’s a Cylon, it’s hitting her differently. Also, the President almost killed her on suspicion of being a Cylon, so what do you think will happen to the actual Cylons in the fleet? The four debate who the fifth is, and Tyrol thinks Baltar might know something, because he saw him in the Temple of Jupiter with D’Anna, and D’Anna might know something. Also, people think Baltar’s a god. Tigh suggests that Tory go flirt with Baltar and try to get some information out. Tory says no way; Tigh says she doesn’t have to frak him. How nice.

Starbuck, on her back in the brig, crying and laughing.
Laughing while crying! This had to be a hard episode for Katee Sackoff, you know?

Adama goes to question Kara, and there’s so much emotion in the scene, it’s incredibly intense. Adama says she just screwed over the one ally she has – meaning Roslin? Adama asks who’s going to help her, and Starbuck says clearly its not gonna be Adama – whom she calls the President’s wet nurse. He doesn’t have the guts. Adama responds by throwing her to the ground, but then steps back. Starbuck’s laughing and crying and it is all sadness. They’re going the wrong way, she screams.

Back to the Cylon Base ship – the Fours, Fives, and Ones (Doral, Simon, and Cavil) agree with, well, Cavil, while the Twos, Sixes, and Eights (Leoben, Sixes, and Sharons) vote against “reconfiguring” the raiders. And then Boomer herself shows up, and apparently breaking with tradition, she’s voted against the rest of her model. This is unheard of and apparently means that Cavil wins? Also, what the hell is going on between Boomer and Cavil!?

The rec room, full of people sitting. Helo and Lee are in front, with a line of brightly-colored shots in front of them.
SHOTS SHOT SHOTS SHOTS. shots of sadness.

Back in the rec room – hey, rec room! What, was Joe’s bar unavailable? There is strip poker/game happening, and it seems to be Lee’s going away party. He’s got a whole bunch of shots to take (seven?) and makes toasts to all of them – they start off lighthearted, but he gets to “absent friends” quickly enough, and there goes the party atmosphere.

Back in his quarters, Adama contemplates his Aurora figurine. Poor Adama.

In some unknown mess hall, Baltar is eating, surrounded by admirers. Tory’s there too! Tory looks at Baltar, and Baltar leaves his gaggle of girls and comes over. He accuses her of spying. She agrees, but

Baltar and "Head Baltar" - same actor, different clothes, conversing with each other.
For a moment there, this entire recap was just going to be shots of this conversation. Monchichi had my back.

says she’s not spying for the president, she came here on her own. AND THEN HEAD BALTAR SHOWS UP! (I love Head Baltar’s suit.) Had Baltar ever seen his head version before? Head Baltar convinces Baltar to get information out of Tory. Tory turns up the charm – maybe there are miracles! Baltar is at the center of everything! Baltar plays the “I am just a vessel” act – he says, specifically, that god has chosen him to sing his song. Tory perks up at the “song” bit. Baltar agrees that its like music, but it really sounds like he’s just making shit up – though, he’s also most definitely explaining the song that Tory heard. Baltar questions Head Baltar, asks him if he’s Six in disguise. Head Baltar basically tells Baltar to go after Tory, which he agrees to do. Carefully.

Adama’s drunk. Roslin wonders what to do about Starbuck. She’s also

Roslin and Adama sit across from each other, both looking solemn.

delightfully in charge and bitchy, to Adama’s mentally and emotionally lost thing. Adama asks, what if Starbuck was sent to help them? Roslin wants to hear Adama say the word “miracle,” that Starbuck’s return was a miracle. Basically, Adama’s on the “Kara Thrace and her Special Purpose” kick, and Roslin thinks that Starbuck’s lack of concern for her own life implies she’s a Cylon – but Starbuck’s never really worried about her life, you know? If we’re talking about fate, Roslin relates her history – diagnosed with cancer the day of the attacks, becoming president, cancer getting cured, cancer coming back. Fate is weird. She thinks Adama’s too surrounded by loss – her dying, Lee leaving the service, the entire Kara thing – to think straight. Roslin says that Adama would rather die than be wrong about Kara. Adama tells her to get out of his head and that she’s worried that her own death may be as meaningless as everyone else’s. Ouch, all around. Also, Roslin’s hair is falling out, and that is what drives her to tears.

Closeup of Lee and Kara's faces. Their foerheads are pressed together, and Lee holds Kara's face in his hands.

Lee, it seems, has become a member of the Qorum of 12, as Zarek’s wingman. We know this, because he went to go see Kara in the brig and tells her. He says that he understands what she means by having a destiny. Kara gets up, all official-like, to shake his hand in congratulations, they shake, Lee walks away, Kara says Lee, he turns around and they make out like whoa. FINALLY THE TV GODS HAVE LISTENED TO MY CRIES. Lee says he believes Kara. He heads to the pilot’s room, and hears old spats with Kara in his head. Lee heads out to his Raptor with his things, leaving Galactica for good, and it turns out that the whole ship has come out to say goodbye. Awwww. Tigh, the President, everybody. We get the super-emotional Lee music, and Lee’s silently crying. Lots of clapping, and hugging, and Dee gives him a present. They hug, Lee says it looks like Dee got the house – the marriage is over, it seems. Lee hugs his father and leaves the ship.

On the Cylon baseship, the raiders are getting lobotomized. Its vaguely gross. Gina (I am assuming the brunette Six is Gina?) and Cavil are still fighting over the raiders – Gina wants the lobotomies to stop. So she calls in a Centurion, who apparently is not there to vote, and draws its weapon.

Baltar and Tory, in bed together. We can see Baltar's naked back.
Okay, the man does have a nice-looking back.

Somewhere else, Tory and Baltar are fraking. And crying, if you’re Tory. It’s something she does during sex. Baltar says this is an abundance of feeling. Tory says its better to feel than be a Cylon. Baltar says that Cylons do feel, and while man made Cylons, god’s at the beginning of all this. The one true god, of course. And Baltar doesn’t want to keep that a secret anymore.

Cavil orders the Centurion away, it doesn’t leave. Gina explains that the Sixes, Eights, and Twos gave the Centurions free will, by removing the electronics that prevented the Centurions from thinking. Scary. Oh, also, they’re done voting. The first thing the Centurions were told is what was done to the raiders, so they’re shooting all the Ones, Threes, and Fours.

Adama and Starbuck hugging.

On Galactica, the fleet jumps again, and Starbuck cries in her cell for them to go back. Helo goes down to see Starbuck, has marines cuff her, and takes her onto the flight deck, where Adama’s waiting. She thinks she’s going to be airlocked, and tells Adama he’s making a mistake. He says maybe he is, but he can’t take the chance that she’s right and not do anything about it. What wait? RIGHT? Yup. Starbuck is uncuffed, given a ship and a crew (okay, admittedly, the ship is a sewage recycling ship) and told to go find Earth. It’s a good little speech by Adama, and a promising note to end on.

Monchichi’s screencaps are simply the best. Thanks, as always!

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