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Let It All Out (in this weekend open thread)

Praise CJ, we all made it to Friday. 

Here’s an open thread, let’s fill it up with all the things.

I’m having a week. (Job hunting is the devil.) This is how I feel about it:

I don’t even like Limp Bizkit, and not just because of the terrible spelling.

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I went and saw Expendables 2 yesterday. It was everything it ever should be. It even has Chuck Norris making a Chuck Norris joke in it. But guise, I have no fucking clue how it managed to land that PG-13 rating. Probably because no one dropped a F-bomb or got naked, but really, violent movie is violent. But if you are the sort of person who thinks a crossover fan fic about Die Hard; Predator; Rambo; Walker, Texas Ranger; and The Transporter would be fun (and I won’t lie, I am), this movie is that fan fic, and I recommend seeing it. It suffers a bit from Smurfette syndrome, but the one prominent female character isn’t around to be anyone’s love interest, and is a bad ass, so there’s that.

I remember hunkering down with my eyes closed in the theater when I went to see the newest Beowulf. PG-13 rating my ass.

I hate the way ratings work in the US.

Although non-love interest woman: AWESOME. The BF and I just watched Captain America last night (I hadn’t seen it), and I spent most of the movie grumbling about how the only woman in a position of power was the freaking love interest.

If anything she is filling the role normally taken by the upstart young man that is the hero’s protege. There are a few scenes where it comes off a little more nurturing/let’s talk about feelings than might have been the case with a male character, but nothing bad enough to set off my bullshit detectors.

There was only one scene in the film that got a little under my skin, which, due to it being a little late in the film, I’mma dump under the spoiler tag.

[spoiler]The come up to a village where all the men have been taken by the bad dude and the women are defending the town. Many jokes are made about how they can’t hit what they are shooting at. At which point I’m all, “Oh yes. As opposed to all the bad dudes you have fought so far that apparently took shooting lessons from COBRA agents and Stormtroopers. Yes. These women are hilariously inaccurate with their guns.”[/spoiler]

But yea, the movie is 80’s action porn. You have to kinda like action films already, because this film isn’t giving you much more than that.

I almost definitely have a job interview on Thursday or Friday of next week, in another country. My dilemma: pull a sickie or book a day off? I’m leaning towards the former as the safer option but I’m a terrible liar. Thoughts??

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