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Lunchtime Poll: Back to School, One More Time

Every fall since I graduated from college, I get a little nostalgic for the back to school season. The first couple days of the school year were always the best. Sometimes I really wish I could go back to being a student. After all, there are things I still want to learn.

So here is the hypothetical situation: a distant wealthy relative has died. In the will, there was a trust left for you to attend college/university to gain an undergraduate degree, all expenses paid. If you have a job, they have graciously agreed for you to take a four year sabbatical. The one stipulation in the will: this has to be a degree you want to pursue simply for the joy of knowledge, not because you need it or think it will advance your career (although if it’s something you want to know and it advances your career that is fair game). What degree do you go for?

Me, I would probably head out to one of the East Coast art schools and get a degree in illustration, because after 2-d animation, my second great love is comic book art.

By Opifex

Opifex is a former art student, unrepentant nerd, and occasional annoying liker of things before they were cool. She keeps two sets of polyhedral dice in her purse, in case the first set stops being lucky. That's kind of how she rolls.

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Latin American History. It’s one of those things that I’m interested in, but I think I would get more bang-for-my-learning-buck if I studied it in a college setting. I used to be a creative writing major, in my brief stint in college, but even still, I think I’d rather continue to go it alone in that department. Other writing students…. Well, I’d get cranky. Not to hate on anyone who wants to go that route; I just sense it’s not for me.

Yep, Latin American History it is.

If I could do that, I might get an art major. It would have to be one of those situations, though, where it didn’t matter too much how well I did, because if it became too much about having to do art, I’d want to make art less.

I do know, though, that when I took an art class in my last semester of undergrad, I talked about how I kind of wished I had done it sooner, because I might have considered an art minor. It was fun and cathartic. Part of the thrill of it is I was taking it Pass/Fail so it couldn’t hurt my GPA, and I took the class for absolutely no reason other than I wanted to. But I also learned a lot and improved a lot. I got to do new things and use mediums I never would have tried. I even gained a couple favorites.

It would have very little to do with anything I do professionally, but most of EVERYTHING I do right now factors into trying to be the best goddamn academic I can be. To do something in school that is completely superfluous to that sounds amazing.

Something hard science-y.  Chemistry or biology?  I’m fascinated with the brain, but I have always been kickass at chemistry.  (Probably because it’s math, but without all the high-flown mathematical language that bores me.)  But if I got to CHANGE the rules a little bit…..I would get my master’s in librarian science.  Firstly, because librarians rock.  Secondly, because I love to do research and want to know how to do it more effectively.  Third, because my dream job is a law librarian.  At a big library.  Like a major law school or the Library of Congress doing other people’s research.  Oh please, oh please, oh please.

Chemistry is awesome.  I started off as a chem major, but then changed when I realized I didn’t actually like being in the lab. Heh. I just liked the theories and all the kick ass problem solving I had to do.

And I sooooo hear you on the research bit.  I could research all day long. I was a reference librarian assistant in college and it was the best work-study job ever.

Having the “you are way more serious about this than I am” conversation with the boy. As in, he’s more serious about me than I am about him. He’s not at all end game for me, and I’ve been getting worried that he was starting to see me as end game.

I don’t want to call off our thing, I just want to make sure he gets that I’m not end game before he gets attached to the idea and breaks or something. I want him to feel free to keep looking for someone to be end game while we are together. I really don’t want him to get all “one true love” on me and then get hurt, as I do care about him but that and sex aren’t all that go into an end game relationship.  Caring doesn’t equal “in love”.

I have had people get. . . bitter? . . . about relationships after me before, and I just don’t want it to get to the point where he gets that way with me.


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