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Lunchtime Poll: Dream House

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my “dream house.”

It has certain features in it: lots of big, overstuffed chairs, a huge kitchen that people can socialize in, a swimming pool, and an absolutely absurd walk-in closet or six.

When you picture your dream house, what features come to mind?

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My dream needs a large vegetable garden, an office with a wall painted with blackboard paint, a huge, cast iron clawfoot bathtub like the one in my old sketchy apartment, a big kitchen with an island in it, and seating you can burrow in to on a rainy day and not get a crick in your neck.  And a veranda that goes all the way around.  And many closets.  Bonus points if it’s round or otherwise weirdly shaped.


I want to live in a log home in northern Arizona, in the mountains.

Just see if I don’t!

I like our house now though, even if it needs a lot of work and the front garden is scorched and dead…it’s not the cheerful sight it was supposed to be, but rather a solemn memento mori to passers-by…

I’m going to repaint my (poorly painted and peeling) kitchen cabinets this weekend! A big job, but I’ve done it before in another house.

We bought a house about a year ago that is close to perfect for us, with some work.  The biggest selling features were one wall of floor-to-ceiling bookcases in our sitting room, which also has a lovely fireplace, and an attic conversion for the most wonderful office that we can share.  I have my desk in a dormer, with a million-dollar view.  The work that we need to do to make it our perfect house are to finish landscaping and remodel/reorganize closets.  I look forward to not having to walk through mud to get to our garage. …and to buy moar books to fill those bookcases. ;-)

I’ve been house-hunting for a while, while waiting ‘patiently’ for the funds to be freed from the legal games a certain bank is playing with them, and it’s taken a long time to narrow down the must-haves from the ‘well, we could always add that later’s. My big needs are space, preferably with trees for squirrels and areas for gardens, pond/lakes, and so on rather than just grass; a screened patio, ideally with a sunroom as well; dual ovens and a lot of kitchen storage/space; a steam shower and a jetted tub (I will have a sauna and hot tub somewhere); a media room or area to make a media room (complete with wiring for Internet and A/V throughout the place); a workshop area (for all of the craft things I think I’ll do); workout room (for all of the exercise I think I’ll do); and a way to get things from the car to the house without getting soaked (i.e., garage or carport). I even have a few places narrowed down that’ll meet most of those requirements (and can have all of them with a little work), but nada will happen until the bank stops messing with money that does not belong to it. Sigh.

And I just found out that my youngest son, who’s supposed to be starting his senior year of HS, is refusing to go to school and now has to come live with me, meaning I have to figure out all of those logistics and drive 500+ miles to get him, again. Aaand I just filed out the police report for having my GPS stolen, which is why my battery died (thieves didn’t shut the door all the way). This is not a hot summer.

Lots of windows, preferably big ones, are a must.  Some sort of porch.  A decent size yard so I can garden–and, if we are still living where we are, plant some citrus trees.  And a nice, open kitchen.  Those are really my only requirements…Mr. Nonsense is the pickier one–and by picky, I mean he only likes modern looking homes.

Oh and I wouldn’t complain about a big bath tub. Baths really help ease my stress, but my legs get cramped pretty quickly in my current tub. :)

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